Above the knee is the length for me!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a dress I had ordered from The Limited that was just a smidgen too long! When you’re 5’2″ this happens a lot. Dresses made for “average” heights don’t quite look the best length wise because our legs aren’t that long! And if you’re a curvy 5’2″, the petite section of the store isn’t your friend either! 

So, I had it shortened by a few inches, and I was right, this dress looks so much better just a smidgen shorter! It’s so subtle, you may not even notice, but the picture on the left is what it looks like after alterations. 


I’m also having fun with my new tripod and took another pic that I thought was cute, but please don’t focus on the hair, I’m getting it done tomorrow 😊


And, I’m wearing a fab pair of new shoes I ordered from DSW. If you like them you can order here


If you’re also a shortie like me, what are some of your nuances about clothes? And don’t you agree, it’s gotta be above the knee! Unless it’s midi length, I’m really digging midis!  

2 thoughts on “Above the knee is the length for me!

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  1. When it comes to skirts, I always find shorter is better; I know there is a limit for appropriations. The heels are fun and for those, taller the better. A great color for this time of year and I think your hair looks fine. 😉


    1. Me too! I just can’t wear longer ones, unless it’s a midi. Any longer & it looks terrible on me! And thanks! I’m loving the heels! They’re also comfy!!! You’re very sweet, but it’s time for a visit to the salon lol


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