Hot pink midi

I’ve had an interesting morning so far, and no time to set up my little tripod, so a selfie will have to do, but I couldn’t not tell you about my awesome hot pink midi skirt I ordered from one of my faves,! 

As you know by now, or if you’re new to my blog, I love! I’ve just recently started ordering clothing on the site, but it’s my go to for cute, inexpensive jewelry. In fact, the necklace I’m wearing today also came from there too! 

Since pink and green is one of my fav color combos, I paired the skirt with a green peplum top. I had a last minute change of shoe plan and forgot to switch my belt, so I’ve got an interesting combo of leopard and floral going on 😁


  Are you into midi skirts/dresses as much as I am? I became a fan after seeing Tracee Ellis Ross in a super cute midi dress, and now I can’t get enough of them! 

Where I got it:

  • Shirt: Express
  • Skirt and necklace:
  • Belt: Burlington Coat Factory
  • Shoes: DSW

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