Cute Walmart dress…you read that right, Walmart!

If you know me personally or have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I’m not a brand snob when it comes to clothing. If it’s cute and I like it, I’m buying it! 

I don’t even remember how long ago, but I ordered this dress online from Walmart. A Facebook friend had posted a pic of a cute dress she found at Walmart, which I never found, but I went online to see what I could find. 

It’s a super cute dress, the back is really sassy, and I forgot to take a pic of it, bummer! 


I was going to wear a hot pink blazer with it, but I had a last minute wardrobe change and wore the blue. I’m glad I did because I love this color combo! 

Have you ever purchased clothing from Walmart? Don’t knock it til you try it! They sometimes have some super cute things! And of course for cheap! 

Where I got it:

  • Blazer: Burlington
  • Dress: Walmart
  • Heels: DSW
  • Necklace: 

20 thoughts on “Cute Walmart dress…you read that right, Walmart!

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  1. Girl, I remember in college when I finally found walmart and we almost went crazy! Lol I did buy a couple of graphic t-shirts from there bc I absolutely love graphic tees! (And they were $5! Lol)

    That dress does look good with the blue blazer though! (I already tried to imagine it with the pink and I like the blue better! lol)

    ~ Sanaa #BLMGirl


    1. Girl yes, me too! And I still buy graphic tees from there sometimes! I found a really cute pink & green one for St. Paddy’s day. Thanks for your comments! I definitely think the blue was a better choice šŸ˜Š

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  2. I’m much like you. I don’t care about brands, I just want clothing that’s nice and of good quality!! That dress is very cute. I’ve browsed through Walmart’s clothes before, but I haven’t bought anything from there in a while. I’ll def be keeping an eye out! #BLMGirl


    1. You definitely should keep an eye out! I’ve also gotten a few cute tops too! After washing, everything I’ve gotten tends to hold up well, so the quality isn’t bad for being cheap. Just air dry! And thanks for stopping by! #BLMgirlsrock


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