No makeup challenge

I saw this posted in a makeup group I’m a part of on facebook and it got me to thinking…why do I wear makeup? Or better yet why would I not leave my house not wearing it? For me it’s not about not liking the way I look without it, simply I just like the way I look with it! And I don’t see the problem! People sometimes call women who wear makeup insecure, or that we’re trying to be someone else. But what’s wrong with just enhancing what you have? 

I’ve been wearing makeup daily since high school. I was in a program called Upward Bound. I met my then best friend who taught me how to wear mascara and we were the ultimate girly-girl besties! 

Since then I’ve added much more to my daily makeup routine but I can’t imagine life without it! I love to experiment with colors on my eyelids and lips, and I love trying new mascara to attempt va va voom lashes! I also have raccoon underwhelming circles no matter how much I sleep! So, I’d rather not walk around looking like the walking dead when there’s a solution! 

I see nothing wrong with putting your best face forward when you step out the door! I applaud women who don’t wear makeup but I also sometimes find myself looking at them and in my head going down a list of products that would look fab on them! I say, life is short, wear the makeup and look your best! Not for anyone else but for you! 

Years ago, I’d never imagine sharing a make up free pic with the world, but I’m comfortable in my own skin and embrace all my flaws so here goes my make up free face! 

 Where do you stand on the to wear or not to wear makeup topic? And if you’re not chicken post a pic in the comments…well I think you can do it here! 


14 thoughts on “No makeup challenge

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  1. I wear and like makeup but it’s not an every day thing for me. I wear it for events, meetings, church, etc. and on random days were I just feel like it. I like giving my face time to breath and feel refreshed, bare, and clean. I also really enjoy applying and wearing makeup, it’s fun, its expressive, and it can help boost my mood sometimes. That doesn’t mean I need it to feel better about myself as a whole. It’s like when I feel like having a casual day and wearing my comfy flannel or a big sweater and leggings or my poofy pants, yoga pants and a fun tee, etc etc. Those days are great, but now and then I like to express myself more, jazz it up a bit and wear my cute dresses, my glitzy tops, and/or my funky boots. Either way I’m comfortable with myself, I love doing both ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I only tend to wear discreet makeup, but it really depends what mood I’m in. Sometimes I’ll look in the mirror and think ugh and end up wearing more to try brighten my face up a little, other days I won’t wear any!!


      1. I wear concealer most days because of acne, and I don’t tend to go out the house without that. At the minute I wear winged eyeliner quite a lot at the weekends, which is heavier than I normally wear but for some reason I’ve suddenly really started liking the look!


  3. I wear foundation daily as an extra protection barrier (moisturizer is not enough) against all things airborne. Bronzer also a must – every face needs year round sunshine ๐Ÿ˜‰. As for a full face, that definitely depends on my mood. More than likely special occasions. Catch me on a quick Target run and you get, just me, no filters.


  4. Kindra…What in the world?! You don’t need make up! Not everyone is blessed to look 10+ years YOUNGER!!! You look great! I suffer from hyperpigmentation so my skin color is multiple shades and wrinkles & bags under my eyes have become very noticeable now. With or without make-up! Ughhhh!!!! LOL (I’m in my late 40’s! ) By the way, It’s obvious you take care of your skin. PRETTY!


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