My first crochet braid hairstyle

Hey y’all! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I’m still trying to get a little holiday spirit going…but it is the most wonder time of the year!

So, last Friday I got crochet braids for the first time, yay! They turned out amazeballs! The entire process took about 3 hours. My booty started to get numb at about 1.5 hours, so I couldn’t imagine getting regular braids, but I do want to try some in the summer. I purchased the go go curl hair by Freetress and it took 3 packages. I had a little left over.

My only complaint is that this hair tangles and frizzes pretty easily. I’m hoping I can make it to 8 weeks, but it’s not looking promising. I have an appointment for a shampoo in 2 weeks, so fingers crossed after a shampoo it’ll bring the curl back to life. I sleep in a satin bonnet because if you don’t, you’ll have a tangled, frizzy mess on your hands. I also have applied a little oil and oil sheen.

Overall I’m satisfied with the style, installation, and best of all not having to do anything to my hair for a little while! I’ll definitely do this again, but with different hair next time!

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