Toe rings back in style

Don’t know about y’all, but quarantine has me doing even more online shopping. And for everything I don’t really need! Example, a toe ring! I was doing my normal browsing on the other day, and found among other things, a super cute toe ring. I had one back in the 90s and absolutely loved it!

They had several options to choose from. And only $5.99! Quite a steal for sterling silver. You can order one for yourself by using this affiliate link.

Toes deserve jewelry too, so why not! Did you guys wear toe rings back in the day? And, what trend are you secretly hoping will make a comeback?

3 thoughts on “Toe rings back in style

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  1. Hey Kindra,
    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one doing a lot of online shopping during this quarantine. I keep telling myself where and when are you going to wear that? Happy shopping and stay safe😊


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