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Highlights from 2017


Hey y’all! I’m still in disbelief that the year has come to an end. It started off pretty crappy for me. On the third day of January we buried my dad. And from there it didn’t get much better. But, there were some jewels along the way, and despite it all I truly thank God for keeping me sane and healthy this year because lord knows it was rough! So, I put together a list of things that made me smile just a little more in 2017. I even have a fancy little collage to give y’all a visual of the good stuff from the year 😊

1. I added a new Louis to my collection. And by collection I mean it was my second one. I started 3 years ago buying one splurge item a year to treat myself for being an amazeballs human being and for the last 2 years I’ve bought a new Louis. Looking forward to next year already! And no, it’s not the most important thing that happened all year, but it was the first thing that made me want to do a backflip in the new year.

2. I spent more time with my fav girl in the whole wide world. I wanted to try to make the transition now that my dad is gone a little easier for her, and along the way we had some adventures, including me getting my first speeding ticket!

3. I got some new ink to remember my dad. It says “…to the moon and back” because that’s what he’d tell me everyday and I can still hear him say it. It hurt like heck and I don’t remember that much pain 15 years ago when I got my first, but it was worth it and it’s a nice reminder of a great man who I’ll always miss dearly.

4. I went to Atlantis with my world travel partner Sara and her sweet daughter Olivia. We had a blast. And of course the Bahamas was simply amazing. I look forward to the next trip girls!

5. I went to my first fancy spa with my girl Nijjall. It was for my birthday and worth every penny. They keep bringing you champagne, what more can I say! I’ll definitely add more spa days to my calendar in 2018!

6. I met an amazing man and it feels good to be happy again! He’s a private person, so I won’t put him on blast, but I have to say he’s a big reason why 2017 didn’t suck so much!

7. Thanks to that man I just mentioned, and because my dad was the biggest Clemson fan I knew, I went to my first ACC football championship. It was amazeballs! And I have to say, I actually do enjoy watching football. Like not all day, but definitely when the Tigers are playing. I made it a point to keep up with them this year because I knew my dad would have. I just know he was smiling down from heaven when they beat the brakes off Miami! Go Tigers!!!

8. And last but not least, I’m even closer to my Tina Turner leg goals this year! I started doing squats each time I have to go to the restroom and also standing for most of the day at work. I do lots of leg exercises during the day and now I’m loving the results. Except for the larger calves from the calve raises. I had to return a pair of boots because my calves were too big! But oh well, my legs are looking great!

So yeah, a lot happened this year. The good, bad, and everything in between. But I’m super excited for 2018. The best is yet to come! Merry Christmas and Happy new year y’all!


Got a zit? Try this


First of all, why am I even discussing zits when I’m almost 40? Yet here I am! I get the occasional zit, nothing major. But when I do, they’re usually big, annoying, and will leave a scar behind. Luckily, I found something that will zap them within a couple days. While if left alone, they will linger a lot longer!

This is the Target brand acne spot treatment. I don’t remember exactly how much it cost, but I’m thinking around $5. Try it, and thank me later!

Do you guys still get zits too? And what do you do to zap them?