Cute find

Happy Wednesday y'all! It's been a dreary, rainy week so far. And even a tornado warning as I'm typing this 😳 anywho, I haven't mentioned any recent purchases from lately because I haven't bought anything! But every now and then I wander onto  the site to see what I can find. They really do... Continue Reading →


Extreme high low top: what to wear it with

Two things I love a lot, leopard print and leggings! So, when this top I'm about to show you caught my eye, I knew exactly what I'd wear it with. The high low trend isn't new, I remember buying a couple pieces last year, but they weren't my fav. But this top, I just had... Continue Reading →


Tulle-in’ around on a Sunday!

Tulle skirts are everywhere these days! And who doesn't wanna walk around looking like a ballerina?! Especially me because I love all things fluffy, foo foo, and girly!  I found my tulle skirt in Ross weeks ago. I wore it for the first time to church today. I had to sit in the back away... Continue Reading →


Pink & green Tuesday!

One of my fav color combos is pink and green, and not just because I'm an AKA 😊. Actually I wear so much green that someone pointed out to me that I'm wearing something green most days at work.  I'm not a mall shopper, but I had to go get a watch battery and lipstick... Continue Reading →


Because leggings count as real pants! 

A few years ago, I started becoming slightly obsessed with leggings! I was buying so many, I recognized it was becoming a problem, and had to cut myself off 😊 Leggings are just awesome! I wear them around the house, to the gym, and the cute ones I wear as real pants! I can dress... Continue Reading →


Pencil skirt Thursday! 

When you're a curvy girl like me, wearing a pencil skirt to the office can be a fine line between skanky and classy! But I love the way they look. I've found that for me, I have to go up a size so that's it's not quite as fitting, if I'm planning on wearing the... Continue Reading →


Short sets aren’t just for kids anymore

I'm not much of a fan of dressing matchy, matchy. I'm not one of those women who changes my purse everyday to match my outfit. I'll carry a bright yellow purse with no hesitation or second thought about whether or not it matches!  So, I'm surprised that I love the matching two piece short sets... Continue Reading →


New fav skirt!

Yesterday I was wondering around in Versona and found the cutest skirt! I'm not really sure what you call these skirts, but they're A-line and kind of flare out. Whatever you call them, they're all kinds of cuteness! And I love the colors! As I wrote about in a previous blog, I'm really making an... Continue Reading →


White hot for summer!

If you're a curvy girl and you listen to fashion experts, you may be afraid to wear white, especially white pants! But being someone who wears what I want I love to wear white jeans.  And the best thing about wearing white is that you can wear pretty much any color with white! If you've... Continue Reading →


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