Extreme high low top: what to wear it with

Two things I love a lot, leopard print and leggings! So, when this top I’m about to show you caught my eye, I knew exactly what I’d wear it with. The high low trend isn’t new, I remember buying a couple pieces last year, but they weren’t my fav. But this top, I just had to have.

 I wore it with leggings but I think it would also look amazeballs with shorts and jeans. Now that it’s fall, I guess I’ve missed the window to wear with shorts, but I’ll definitely be wearing it again soon with jeans. I also love that it can be dressed up or down. I actually wore this to a cider festival last night and felt a little over dressed. But my motto is, why buy clothes if not to wear them?! So, who cares if you go some place and you’re a little overdressed! 

What do you think of the high low trend? Honestly, it’s not really my thing, but who says no to anything leopard print, right?! 

Where I got it: 

  • Top and leggings: Ross
  • Wedges: Belk
  • Necklace: jane.com


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