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New color combo, blue & orange…who knew I’d love it?!


I’m really starting to love the color blue. I’ve always loved orange! So, why haven’t I ever put the two together?! 

I bought this shirt & skirt on Friday at Ross, with no intentions of even wearing them together until I got home and tried on what I had bought. But when my orange pumps came from DSW yesterday, I had an aha moment and thought it would make one fab outfit all together! And I was right! I love all of it!!!!

I’ve been looking for orange pumps since forever so when I found these on clearance online at DSW, I was super excited! They’re by BCBG and were about $45 after my coupon! If you like them, you can get them here

Here’s what I’m wearing today. Me likey!!!! 



A leopard midi skirt & a $1 pair of shoes!


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that is one of my fav places to shop for accessories! They do offer other things, but I always go for jewelry. But, I recently ordered my first clothing item! A leopard midi skirt, and I love it!!!! I’m a mini skirt girl, so I normally wouldn’t go for anything below the knee, but I’m finding that I love the midi length! 

I also found a steal at DSW many months ago, but today’s my first day wearing the shoes I only ended up paying $1 for! They were on clearance for $11 and with my $10 reward, the final cost was $1!

Here’s today’s outfit. I’m loving it! 


Where I got it:

  • Shirt: Ross
  • Skirt:
  • Shoes: DSW 
  • Necklace:

Nail polish storage idea!


If you’re anything like me, you have way too many bottles of polish laying around. I was reading a Buzzfead article the other day about organizing at home with cheap things you can find at the dollar store. One idea was to use a spice rack for nail polish storage. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a cheap spice rack. 

Who would have thought finding one was so hard?! But I found one yesterday at Home Depot for about $7. I was hoping I could just nail it and let it hang on the nails, but nope, had to break out the drill because screws were needed. 

You’ll need a flat surface for the polish or else they’ll fall over or through the cracks. I used the flaps from a small box. Now I just have to find a cute way to cover the cardboard! 

Here’s a pic of the spice rack on the wall. 


Here’s what I mean about needing a flat surface! 


Here’s another view so that you can see how it looks on the wall. I hung mine in the bathroom. 


And just for kicks, me and my handy dandy drill. So what if I had to call on my neighbor to change the drill bit for me! 



Spring nail color!


My fav OPI nail color of all time is “mod about you.”  I’m also cheap, so spending $10 on nail polish ain’t happening too often!  Especially when you’re like me and nothing lasts on my nails for more than 2 days, if I’m lucky, before it chips and starts to look a hot mess! 

I usually buy OPI polish from Sally’s. So, imagine my surprise when I went in the other day and saw that China Glaze had a new polish that’s almost identical to “mod about you” called “sweet hook” and on sale for buy one get one free! China Glaze is also already 3-4 dollars cheaper for to me, the same quality! 

The color is a light pinkish/lavender which is an awesome choice for spring! Here’s a pic. What do you think? What’s your fav OPI shade? 


Here are the colors side by side. I hardly see a difference at all! Thank God for a good dupe, that saves me a few coins! 



Found a fantabulous pair of jeans! New fav brand alert!


If you’re a curvy girl, you know how hard it is to find a great fitting pair of jeans! They either fit the thighs and booty, and not the waist. Or, they fit the waist, but too snug everywhere else! Or the constant falling down. 

Well, I found the best fitting pair of jeans EVER! I found them at Ross last Saturday and didn’t realize the gem I found until just now googling the brand! They were 13.99, but I’ve discovered they’re actually a name brand sold at department stores like Nordstrom! The brand is Kut From the Kloth, click here to learn more about the brand and see their fab clothing! 

I’ll definitely be back at Ross trying to hunt down more!!!! I’m wearing the skinny. They’re awesome and fit great!!!! And I didn’t have to go up a size so I’m extra thrilled that the 6 fits very well!!!!! You have to try these jeans if you’re a curvy girl like me! 


Leopard/cheetah love!


So, these were waiting on me when I got home yesterday from my fav DSW! I had actually exchanged them for a larger size. So, if you get them, I’d go up a half size. I’m a 6 or 6.5 depending on the shoe. 

It’s no secret that I LOVE animal print, especially leopard! These are perfect! Yes I already have leopard print pumps, but not like these 😊   I wanted a non platform pair anyway. 


If you like them, you can order here

Flower power & a coral crush


Coral is also becoming one of my fav colors! It’s a combo of two of my faves, pink and orange, so I’m sure that’s why I love it! 

At the end of summer, I found the shoes I’m wearing at DSW on clearance and only got to wear them once, so I was too thrilled to wear them today! 

I’m not sure what it is about floral, but I’m totally into it for spring! The skirt I’m wearing, I also bought at the end of summer, so I haven’t gotten to wear it much, but I love it! 

Here’s what I’m wearing today. 


Where I got it:

  • Sweater: Express
  • Cami: Target
  • Shoes: DSW
  • Skirt: Ross
  • Necklace: Our World Boutique 

From mini to midi…at least for today!


Since circa 1994, I’ve been rocking a mini skirt! So, to say that embracing the midi length is a challenge for me is an understatement! Since I’m short, I just feel like a short skirt looks better and makes my legs look longer! 

But to my surprise, I’m digging the midi length trend! Today I’m wearing a leopard print midi pencil skirt and I think it’s pretty cute! 


Where I got it:

  • Blazer & skirt: Ross
  • Shirt: The Limited
  • Shoes: DSW

Are you digging the midi length trend? 

Pink & green Tuesday! Not really, but I love the color combo!


After a couple days of cooler temps, I’m super excited that today we’re back in the 70’s and enjoying spring weather! The pollen, I’m not loving so much! 

Today I’m wearing one of my fav color combos again, pink and green! Besides the obvious reason, my beloved AKA sorority, the colors just scream spring! So, I tend to wear them a lot during this time of year! 

Here’s what I’m wearing today! 


Here’s where I got it: 

  • Peplum top: Forever 21
  • Skirt: Target
  • Necklace:
  • Shoes: DSW (see previous blog post for more info) 

Black pumps can be so boring!


If you can’t tell by my previous blog posts, I love color! I rarely wear black, even on my feet! But black pumps are a necessity! However, I still think they can be boring! Which is why, when I’m shopping for them, I look for ones that have a little something extra! 

The ones I’m wearing today have a cute scalloped edge, which I love. They’re also suede, and recently I’ve developed a thing for suede shoes. Not quite sure what that’s about! 


I found these on clearance at DSW months ago. They’re by Chinese Laundry and are super comfy! I wish the heel was a tad bit higher, they’re only about 4 inches. 

Share some of your not so boring black pumps!