Black pumps can be so boring!

If you can’t tell by my previous blog posts, I love color! I rarely wear black, even on my feet! But black pumps are a necessity! However, I still think they can be boring! Which is why, when I’m shopping for them, I look for ones that have a little something extra! 

The ones I’m wearing today have a cute scalloped edge, which I love. They’re also suede, and recently I’ve developed a thing for suede shoes. Not quite sure what that’s about! 


I found these on clearance at DSW months ago. They’re by Chinese Laundry and are super comfy! I wish the heel was a tad bit higher, they’re only about 4 inches. 

Share some of your not so boring black pumps!

8 thoughts on “Black pumps can be so boring!

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  1. I have to admit to being a big fan of a black pump as well as of colour, my favourites are actually from Marks & Spencer and have a cute diagonal cut on the top rather than a curve or traditional triangular type shape. They will be featuring on my blog soon…


      1. The ones I had to get… All the girls are matching! They are just plain patent ones from Payless, so luckily cheap (I even found a great coupon code!).


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