You’ll want to covet this “covet” lippie

So, I've been on the hunt for the new matte liquid lippies from Milani since I heard they were dropping a few months ago! I went to CVS, Walgreen's and everywhere in between, and couldn't find them anywhere! My Walmart did carry them, but they were never in stock, grrrrrrrr! Friday when I went to... Continue Reading →


Are women complicated?

   Maybe it's because I'm getting older and possibly set in my ways, but I'm starting to realize sometimes I'm a little complicated! Dating post divorce has really shown me that I'm not the same person I was when I was dating in my teens and 20's! Now that I've been on the other side... Continue Reading →


If you like it, wear it…

   Hey y'all! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Mine was very relaxing...and by relaxing I mean I was extremely lazy and did a whole bunch of nothing! Partly because I was super tired and partly because it wasn't pay week so I had to lay low and avoid spending cash!  So, today at work... Continue Reading →


What can you get for $20 at Nordstrom Rack?

Hautelook and Nordstrom Rack are now among my happy places! Of course I'll always be loyal to Ross, but it's always nice to find new options when you're shopping on a budget! Last week was the clear the rack sale, meaning you get an extra 25% off clearance! I went there only to return a... Continue Reading →


Sometimes an ugly print is super cute!

What can I say, I'm a sucker for ugly prints! I always have been, something about an ugly print speaks to me! So, one day I was perusing Hautelook when I spotted some super cute spring/summer dresses. I mean hello, you can never have too many dresses when it's warm! And the best part, they... Continue Reading →


Looking for a brown lippie? Try this one

I don't like to give the Kardashian/Jenner clan much credit for anything, but some credit can be given to Kylie for starting the brown lippie craze. I'm too cheap to buy her lippie kits so I'm always looking for a much cheaper alternative!  I stopped by Walgreen's after work the other day to look around... Continue Reading →


Requirements gathering, not just for managing projects, also applies to dating! 

   Over the last couple of years, in my current job, I've been learning about project management. I've taken courses at work, watched webinars, asked people's just been non-stop learning lately. Early on I learned the importance of gathering requirements in the early stages of the project. Doing so saves you a ton of... Continue Reading →


It’s so hard to say goodbye…to winter

So, the groundhog says we're getting an early spring, and I'm quite honestly a little bummed about it! I've been told that I'm a weirdo because I love cold weather, but I just feel cheated this winter because it's been so warm! So, since I'm a little sad that winter will be gone soon, I... Continue Reading →


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