Sometimes an ugly print is super cute!

What can I say, I’m a sucker for ugly prints! I always have been, something about an ugly print speaks to me! So, one day I was perusing Hautelook when I spotted some super cute spring/summer dresses. I mean hello, you can never have too many dresses when it’s warm! And the best part, they were only around $14 each!  

 They’re also 70s inspired, which I love! So I couldn’t pass them up. That was nearly a month ago, and they just came on Friday. That’s sometimes the downside of ordering from Hautelook, it can take weeks for your items to arrive, but so far, always worth the wait! If you haven’t check out and thank me later 😊

So, ugly to you, but cute to me, can’t wait to wear them when it’s warm! Are you a fan of ugly prints too? 

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