Revlon colorstay gel envy polish review

If you didn't know before, and especially now that this is my second nail polish blog post within a few days...I love nail polish! I feel like I've tried them all! Unfortunately nail polish doesn't last more than a couple of days before it chips so I have to change the polish pretty often! I've... Continue Reading →


A Puerto Rican gem

Hey y'all! I was on vacay last week so I've been slacking with blogging again, but I'm back, and I had a fantabulous time! I visited San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was an awesome vacay. I was the ultimate beach bum and I loved every minute! So, during a trip to the local Walgreen's, I... Continue Reading →


DSW clearance – go, go, go!!!!

Hey y'all! I've seriously been slacking with blogging lately, but I'm back! So, last week was an absolute doozy, but the weekend ended up being quite nice. I ended up at DSW on Saturday. I always go straight to the clearance section. It's usually hit or miss, but on Saturday it was a total hit!... Continue Reading →


Maybelline lash stiletto review

So, the mascara quest continues! The latest I'm trying is Maybelline lash stiletto. I'm trying the waterproof version. Today is the first day I've used it and I'm totally underwhelmed. I definitely will not buy this one again, or even finish the tube for that matter.  It does nothing for my lashes. The only plus... Continue Reading →


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