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Revlon colorstay gel envy polish review


If you didn’t know before, and especially now that this is my second nail polish blog post within a few days…I love nail polish! I feel like I’ve tried them all! Unfortunately nail polish doesn’t last more than a couple of days before it chips so I have to change the polish pretty often! I’ve even tried gel polish at the salon and it started lifting after a week, while on everyone else it lasts forever! 

The latest gel-ish polish I’ve tried is Revlon colorstay gel envy. I’ve always heard great things about it but at 8.99 each for the color and top coat, I hadn’t bought it until recently. I was hoping to find something that would last at least 4 days while on vacay so I decided it was time to give Revlon a try! 

I decided to get number 345 in lucky us. I figured that if it did start chipping really bad since it was silver-ish it wouldn’t show too bad. To my surprise it lasted quite well! I put it on on Wednesday night and didn’t change it until Monday. I was in and out of water but I’m still quite pleased with the minimal chipping. I think I could easily get a week out of it under normal circumstances where I’m not in and out of water. 
This picture is from day 4 when I got back home. I’m super excited because this is unheard of for me getting more than two days out of any nail polish! I definitely give it a 5 star rating! I can’t wait to buy more colors! If you’ve been thinking about trying it, do it!!! You won’t be sorry. 
Have you guys tried this polish yet? What did you think? 


A Puerto Rican gem


Hey y’all! I was on vacay last week so I’ve been slacking with blogging again, but I’m back, and I had a fantabulous time! I visited San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was an awesome vacay. I was the ultimate beach bum and I loved every minute! So, during a trip to the local Walgreen’s, I wandered into the cosmetics section. I mean hello, you can’t not check out the cosmetics to see what they have that we don’t when visiting some place new! I’m a nail polish junkie, so that’s where I started browsing. I found some beautiful colors from a company called Bettina. After further research I found that they’re a Puerto Rican company, and you can order online, which I’ll be doing soon! 

I only bought two colors and now I’m so mad that I didn’t buy more! They were only about $3 each. The one on the left is called delicate and the one on the right is called carmelita. I’m wearing delicate in the picture. Tonight is my first time trying them out so I can’t yet speak on longevity but I’m loving everything about the polish so far! 
From what I can tell on the website based on price point this line is similar to a Wet ‘n Wild. Besides nail polish they’ve got, well pretty much everything! Check it out and let me know if you have either heard of/tried this brand before or if you decide to shop! 

DSW clearance – go, go, go!!!!


Hey y’all! I’ve seriously been slacking with blogging lately, but I’m back! So, last week was an absolute doozy, but the weekend ended up being quite nice. I ended up at DSW on Saturday. I always go straight to the clearance section. It’s usually hit or miss, but on Saturday it was a total hit! I only bought one pair because I’m trying to reel in the excessive shoe buying habit, but I so could have gotten at least 3 pair! 

I’ve had my eye on a pair of these all summer, so I was thrilled to find a pair for much less than the $100 plus original price! They were only $34 after my $10 off coupon! 

They’re Steve Madden, can’t remember the exact name of the shoe but I’m sure you’ve been seeing similar styles all spring/summer. This was the first I had seen with the criss cross design. The ones I’ve seen tie around the ankle. 

The other pair that I wish I had gotten was a peep toe, block heel, red pump. I don’t even do red in my wardrobe, but they were so cute! I may go back to see if they’re still there. 

If you haven’t shopped DSW lately, go!!!! And if you have, what goodies have you found lately?

Maybelline lash stiletto review


So, the mascara quest continues! The latest I’m trying is Maybelline lash stiletto. I’m trying the waterproof version. Today is the first day I’ve used it and I’m totally underwhelmed. I definitely will not buy this one again, or even finish the tube for that matter.  It does nothing for my lashes. The only plus is the brush, it’s good for lower lashes but that’s it! I have short lashes so I’m always looking for length and volume, this one just doesn’t cut it! 

This is the packaging, pretty cute, but not enough to get me to buy it again. I don’t even remember what it costs, I picked mine up at Walmart. 
As you can see, my lashes still look short even with three coats of this stuff! 

So, if you haven’t caught my drift just yet, I don’t recommend this one…at all! Save your coins and try something else! 

Have you guys tried any new mascaras lately that you love?