DSW clearance – go, go, go!!!!

Hey y’all! I’ve seriously been slacking with blogging lately, but I’m back! So, last week was an absolute doozy, but the weekend ended up being quite nice. I ended up at DSW on Saturday. I always go straight to the clearance section. It’s usually hit or miss, but on Saturday it was a total hit! I only bought one pair because I’m trying to reel in the excessive shoe buying habit, but I so could have gotten at least 3 pair! 

I’ve had my eye on a pair of these all summer, so I was thrilled to find a pair for much less than the $100 plus original price! They were only $34 after my $10 off coupon! 

They’re Steve Madden, can’t remember the exact name of the shoe but I’m sure you’ve been seeing similar styles all spring/summer. This was the first I had seen with the criss cross design. The ones I’ve seen tie around the ankle. 

The other pair that I wish I had gotten was a peep toe, block heel, red pump. I don’t even do red in my wardrobe, but they were so cute! I may go back to see if they’re still there. 

If you haven’t shopped DSW lately, go!!!! And if you have, what goodies have you found lately?

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