Lighten knees, elbows, and other body blemishes with this!

For whatever reason, we brown girls often suffer from dark knees and elbows. And if you're like me, the least little thing will cause a scar. In the shower the other day, I got the idea to use my Mr. Pumice on my blemishes and much to my surprise it made them lighter! The next... Continue Reading →


Walmart has cute swimwear…psst pass it on!

Hey y'all! Summer is a comin' so it's time to start thinking swimwear! My body ain't ready, but my mind is 😜 While food shopping at Walmart Friday, I noticed the swimwear. I saw several cute ones, but decided on this one. And it was only 19.99! Go check them out and let me know... Continue Reading →


My first order from Zulily

Happy Sunday y'all! While I'm sitting here watching my mom sleep 😜 I figured I'd tell you guys about my recent and first purchase from Zulily. I saw and ad on Facebook for some bedding for cheap. I was thinking about new bedding so I went for it. I had heard of Zulily before, but... Continue Reading →


Get your glow on with lumi glotion

Hey y'all! The warm weather has got me itching to wear cute spring clothes and for some beach time! I love warm weather and my skin's bronzed glow. Now, thank goodness we can get our glow on year round with some amazeballs products! I just discovered L'Oréal lumi glotion and I'm over the moon happy.... Continue Reading →


Looking for a lippie that won’t budge? Try this one!

Hey y'all! Hope y'all are having an amazeballs week. I had to get my phone replaced so I'm trying to get it not to autocorrect my lingo, like lippies and amazeballs! Anywho, I recently found new lippies that I'm obsessed with. I've purchased 2 so far but I want all of them! They're Maybelline super... Continue Reading →


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