My first order from Zulily

Happy Sunday y’all! While I’m sitting here watching my mom sleep 😜 I figured I’d tell you guys about my recent and first purchase from Zulily. I saw and ad on Facebook for some bedding for cheap. I was thinking about new bedding so I went for it. I had heard of Zulily before, but had never ordered anything. My first impression is that it took a long time for my order to arrive. I think it was at least 3 weeks. And then when I got it, it wasn’t exactly how I imagined. I thought the quilt would be thicker. So, I’m definitely only using this in the spring/summer. But for about $20, it’ll work. The set came with the quilt, 2 pillow cases, and a decorative pillow.

I also wish I had purchased a king size because the queen is a little short.

Have you guys ordered from Zulily? What’d ya get and what’d ya think?

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