Culottes are cool again

Unless you've been completely off the grid lately, you know that 70's fashion is back in a big way for the fall. Everything is fringed out, bell bottoms and bell sleeves are back, and platform shoes have re-emerged! And I'm here for it all! I was born in the 70's but it was 78, so... Continue Reading →


Nyx liquid suede lippie review

I've been waiting for these to show up in Ulta stores since they came out! A) because I was too cheap to order online and pay shipping B) because they were constantly sold out online!  Earlier this week I got the email that they'd be available in all Ulta stores this week and could hardly... Continue Reading →


Cheap, but good lipstick 

When it comes to make-up, more expensive doesn't always equate to the best. I'm willing to try any brand, but the only things I'm not willing to compromise on are foundation and concealer. For those, I'm willing to pay a higher price, but anything else is fair game!  I must admit, I have a slight... Continue Reading →


Unattainable standards?

  The past two weeks have been rough 😔. My pastor suddenly passed away, and although I didn't know him well personally, he had an impact on my life and I learned so, so much from him over the years, I just feel an incredible loss! Dealing with a loss, it just makes you think about... Continue Reading →


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