Cheap, but good lipstick 

When it comes to make-up, more expensive doesn’t always equate to the best. I’m willing to try any brand, but the only things I’m not willing to compromise on are foundation and concealer. For those, I’m willing to pay a higher price, but anything else is fair game! 

I must admit, I have a slight lipstick addiction. I had to cut myself off from MAC lippies because it was getting to be a bit much!!! First, they’re $17 each and between my shoe addiction and the lippie addiction, my coins were really starting to get away from me, so I realized I needed to make some changes 😁 just pray for me! 

So, last year I bought a couple Jordana matte lippies at Walgreen’s. I dug this one out of the stash this morning because I wanted to start wearing my fall colors. It’s called dare, and it’s an awesome color for fall! And at only 2.99, you can’t beat it! 

 Here’s what the packaging looks like. You can find them at Walgreen’s for sure, not sure where else.

  Do you have any cheap, but good drugstore lippie recommendations?  

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