Nyx liquid suede lippie review

I’ve been waiting for these to show up in Ulta stores since they came out! A) because I was too cheap to order online and pay shipping B) because they were constantly sold out online! 

Earlier this week I got the email that they’d be available in all Ulta stores this week and could hardly wait to get there! 

Of course I wanted them all, but I had some self control…this time and only got two. I also wanted to try them out first to see if I even liked them. 

So, the verdict is in, I do love them! Definitely going back for more tomorrow! They feel great on my lips, non-drying, and seem to be very long lasting. 

I bought vintage and stone fox. I was disappointed that my Ulta didn’t have any testers or I’d probably have gone with different colors. Stone fox is grey, which I knew, but it goes on a little lighter than it looks in the package. Vintage looks also darker in the package but is lighter. I’ve been searching for a dark red, so I was hoping this one would be the answer to my prayers, but it’s not. 

Here’s a picture of the two that I got. 


 And here’s what they look like on. 

 They dry to a nice matte finish which I love! 

Have you tried them yet and what do you think? 

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