There’s almost nothing worse than hurting feet! Here’s a solution! 

When your feet hurt, it's just a bad scene! It's also the worse when you get an awesome looking pair of heels, and then an hour or so into wearing them, they start to hurt like heck!  I've tried just about every insole on the market and have found a few that work pretty well,... Continue Reading →


A wet n wild lippie that I love

When you want to try a new color, but don't want to spend much money, drugstore brands like wet n wild are awesome!  Today I'm wearing "sugar plum fairy," a really pretty plum color. I actually forgot I bought it months ago, so it was also a nice surprise today!  Here's what it looks like... Continue Reading →


4 easy peasy steps to filling in brows with a pencil 

Today I stopped by one of girl's house to show her how to fill in her brows without looking like a drag queen. I also learned or should I say reminded myself that I can talk you through anything make-up related better than actually doing it, so her brow that she did looked much better... Continue Reading →


Monday blues

I actually don't dread Mondays like most people. Just another day is how I look at it! But I am wearing blue today!  I found this dress at Ross on Friday for 11.99. I've been trying to add more blue to my wardrobe every since I bought blue heels a few months ago.  I'm probably... Continue Reading →


I don’t always wear black & white, but when I do it’s with yellow!

It's quite obvious that I love color! I rarely even wear black and when I do, I have to add a pop of color! Today I'm wearing a dress I got from Ross on Friday for 7.99 and a blazer I got there last year for 17.99. I'll say it again, if you're not shopping... Continue Reading →


Kitchen items for jewelry storage

If we're friends on Facebook or you follow me on IG or Twitter, then you've already seen this! But for the rest of you, I have a fantabulous idea for jewelry storage.  I bought a utensil organizer at TJ Maxx for 7.99 that works great for storing your jewelry. I use mine for bracelets, but... Continue Reading →


Biotin and hair growth 

When it comes to all things health and beauty related, I'm willing to try anything at least once! I've got weird hair. It grows to a certain length and then seems to stop. The left side does its own thing and just won't grow to save my life. I've tried hair, skin, and nail vitamins.... Continue Reading →


Above the knee is the length for me!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a dress I had ordered from The Limited that was just a smidgen too long! When you're 5'2" this happens a lot. Dresses made for "average" heights don't quite look the best length wise because our legs aren't that long! And if you're a curvy 5'2", the petite... Continue Reading →


Cheap but good primer

I've just recently started using primer after someone recommended it to me and told me I'd look flawless! And who doesn't want to look flawless?!?!?! Since I wear MAC foundation, I figured I'd try theirs. I did see a difference in the way my makeup went on, much smoother, but not enough for the price! ... Continue Reading →


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