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There’s almost nothing worse than hurting feet! Here’s a solution! 


When your feet hurt, it’s just a bad scene! It’s also the worse when you get an awesome looking pair of heels, and then an hour or so into wearing them, they start to hurt like heck! 

I’ve tried just about every insole on the market and have found a few that work pretty well, especially for the balls of your feet, but I was looking for something even more comfy! So, I started searching online for insoles designed specifically for heels and I found Dr. Scholls high heel inserts, and lots of good reviews about them. 

I ordered from and thanks to their mistake of sending me the wrong item first, I ended up with 8 pair, which I will put to good use!

They really do make a difference, and can make a terribly uncomfy pair of heels comfy! I definitely recommend them! 

Here’s what they look like. 

These are the shoes I actually was looking for the insoles for. They were terribly uncomfy, but now I feel I could walk a mile in them with no pain! 

Do you have any tips or tricks that you’ve found to make your shoes comfy? 


A wet n wild lippie that I love


When you want to try a new color, but don’t want to spend much money, drugstore brands like wet n wild are awesome! 

Today I’m wearing “sugar plum fairy,” a really pretty plum color. I actually forgot I bought it months ago, so it was also a nice surprise today! 

Here’s what it looks like on. 

If you’re looking for a plum color, or just curious to see what a color would look like on, try wet n wild! This one was only 1.99, so even if I hated it, I’m not losing a ton of coins! 


4 easy peasy steps to filling in brows with a pencil 


Today I stopped by one of girl’s house to show her how to fill in her brows without looking like a drag queen. I also learned or should I say reminded myself that I can talk you through anything make-up related better than actually doing it, so her brow that she did looked much better than mine!

If you have sparse brows like mine and need a little more drama, or thicker brows like my friend’s and just want a more defined look, here are 4 easy peasy steps to better looking brows!

  • Brush your brows with an eyebrow brush, spare toothbrush, or some other type of small brush. We used the brush on her pencil. I’m all about convenience so I look for pencils that come with a brush!


  • Using pencil, line the top of brow, bottom, and fill in center, or sparse areas only if you have thicker brows. Using a brush, blend well.
  • Conceal and correct mistakes using a qtip and concealer. With a qtip, remove excess and then using a tiny amount of concealer, outline the brow. This will hide any mistakes or conceal tiny hairs if you haven’t gotten to the salon for a waxing/threading yet.

  • Finally, use highlighter or a light eyeshadow on the brow bone to complete the look!

Here’s the before and after.


Monday blues


I actually don’t dread Mondays like most people. Just another day is how I look at it! But I am wearing blue today! 

I found this dress at Ross on Friday for 11.99. I’ve been trying to add more blue to my wardrobe every since I bought blue heels a few months ago. 

I’m probably too old to shop in the junior’s section, but I’m telling you, that’s where all the cute clothes are in Ross! 

Where I got it: 

  • Blazer: Target
  • Dress: Ross
  • Shoes: DSW
  • Necklace:

I don’t always wear black & white, but when I do it’s with yellow!


It’s quite obvious that I love color! I rarely even wear black and when I do, I have to add a pop of color!

Today I’m wearing a dress I got from Ross on Friday for 7.99 and a blazer I got there last year for 17.99. I’ll say it again, if you’re not shopping at Ross, you’re missing out on some awesome deals! 


Also, if we work together, you’ll probably see me in this outfit this week! No shame in my game 😊

Where I got it:

  • Blazer and dress: Ross
  • Shoes: EBay
  • Necklace:

What are some of your fav color combos? 

Kitchen items for jewelry storage


If we’re friends on Facebook or you follow me on IG or Twitter, then you’ve already seen this! But for the rest of you, I have a fantabulous idea for jewelry storage. 

I bought a utensil organizer at TJ Maxx for 7.99 that works great for storing your jewelry. I use mine for bracelets, but the uses for this could be endless! 

Do you have any jewelry storage ideas? Please share! 

Biotin and hair growth 


When it comes to all things health and beauty related, I’m willing to try anything at least once! I’ve got weird hair. It grows to a certain length and then seems to stop. The left side does its own thing and just won’t grow to save my life. I’ve tried hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Since Walmart can’t seem to keep the HSN vitamins that I usually take in stock, I decided to give biotin a try. 

For the last few months I’ve been taking biotin in addition to the HSN vitamins, but since I haven’t been able to find them at various Walmart stores, I tried biotin alone, but a higher dosage than I normally take. 

Since I just had my hair colored a few weeks ago, this was a great time to be able to see just how much my hair can grow in a short period of time. In the pic below you can see that it has grown probably a 1/4 of an inch in just a few weeks. To me, that’s amazeballs! 


Here’s the brand and dosage that I’ve been taking, which I purchased from Walmart.  

I’m hoping they will also help grow super long and lush eyelashes! Have you found anything that works to grow your hair longer?

Above the knee is the length for me!


A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a dress I had ordered from The Limited that was just a smidgen too long! When you’re 5’2″ this happens a lot. Dresses made for “average” heights don’t quite look the best length wise because our legs aren’t that long! And if you’re a curvy 5’2″, the petite section of the store isn’t your friend either! 

So, I had it shortened by a few inches, and I was right, this dress looks so much better just a smidgen shorter! It’s so subtle, you may not even notice, but the picture on the left is what it looks like after alterations. 


I’m also having fun with my new tripod and took another pic that I thought was cute, but please don’t focus on the hair, I’m getting it done tomorrow 😊


And, I’m wearing a fab pair of new shoes I ordered from DSW. If you like them you can order here


If you’re also a shortie like me, what are some of your nuances about clothes? And don’t you agree, it’s gotta be above the knee! Unless it’s midi length, I’m really digging midis!  

Cheap but good primer


I’ve just recently started using primer after someone recommended it to me and told me I’d look flawless! And who doesn’t want to look flawless?!?!?! Since I wear MAC foundation, I figured I’d try theirs. I did see a difference in the way my makeup went on, much smoother, but not enough for the price! 

I just ran out as of yesterday, so I figured I’d see what else is out there that costs much less, but does the same job. I went to Ulta and decided to try Rimmel’s primer. It was only 6.99, so I figured even if I hated it, it was worth a shot. Plus, Ulta will accept returns if you don’t like a product, so that’s always a plus! 

I tried it out this morning. A little goes a long way. I like the consistency, not too thick or thin, so it goes on easily. It creates a super smooth canvas to apply your foundation. I can’t say I’m completely in love. I’ll most likely try another brand when this one runs out just to see what else is out there. 

Do you have any inexpensive primer suggestions? Please share! 

Add a little color to your face with blush 


One of my goals this year was to get better with makeup! So far, I’ve tried a few things that have made a huge difference, like primer and setting spray. 

I’ve never been much of a blush wearer. In fact I didn’t even own any until a few weeks ago. Since I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, I decided to go cheap with the elf brand! The first pink shade I got was so light that I couldn’t see it, so while in Target on Saturday, I picked up a darker pink called “passion pink.”

Here’s what it looks like on. 


Don’t let the color scare you just by looking at it, it doesn’t go on your face nearly as bright! 


I’ll definitely be adding this into the makeup routine, especially in the spring/summer! I love the way it gives your face a little color. 

Are you a blush wearer? What’s your fav brand/color?