4 easy peasy steps to filling in brows with a pencil 

Today I stopped by one of girl’s house to show her how to fill in her brows without looking like a drag queen. I also learned or should I say reminded myself that I can talk you through anything make-up related better than actually doing it, so her brow that she did looked much better than mine!

If you have sparse brows like mine and need a little more drama, or thicker brows like my friend’s and just want a more defined look, here are 4 easy peasy steps to better looking brows!

  • Brush your brows with an eyebrow brush, spare toothbrush, or some other type of small brush. We used the brush on her pencil. I’m all about convenience so I look for pencils that come with a brush!


  • Using pencil, line the top of brow, bottom, and fill in center, or sparse areas only if you have thicker brows. Using a brush, blend well.
  • Conceal and correct mistakes using a qtip and concealer. With a qtip, remove excess and then using a tiny amount of concealer, outline the brow. This will hide any mistakes or conceal tiny hairs if you haven’t gotten to the salon for a waxing/threading yet.

  • Finally, use highlighter or a light eyeshadow on the brow bone to complete the look!

Here’s the before and after.


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