A must have foot cream!

Hey y'all! It's thanksgiving eve! Every year I say that I'm going to get up and on the road earlier...and like all the other years before, I'm still laying in bed with nothing packed! But anywho, I wish you all a fantabulous and happy thanksgiving day!  So, as you know if you've been reading my... Continue Reading →


Fall 2016 trend – plaid 

In case you were wondering, plaid is still a big trend for fall. I for one, did not jump on that bandwagon last year because plaid reminds me of a farmer, and I just didn't find it all that cute. I have seen a few cute plaid print coats, but I just couldn't see myself... Continue Reading →


First day of tights and boots weather, yay!

Today has been amazeballs! Why? Because I got to wear tights and booties for the first time this fall, and I was over the moon excited!!! Thank goodness fall has decided to finally show up here in the south. Tights are a cold weather staple. I especially love patterned tights, but decided to just go... Continue Reading →


Do you need a cuticle cream?

Hey y'all! It's election night and I for one could use a distraction! My prayer is that regardless of the outcome, we all come together and in the words of the late Rodney King, can't we all just get along?! Anywho, it's fall, and I'm starting to get annoying cold weather dry skin, including my... Continue Reading →


Perfect brown polish for fall

I'm semi obsessed with the color brown when it comes to cosmetics. I love brown lippies, eye shadows, polishes; you name it I probably love it in brown!  So, I went to Ulta yesterday because OPI polishes are on sale, yay! 2 for $16, which saves you $4 when buying 2. And that $4 could... Continue Reading →


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