Fall 2016 trend – plaid 

In case you were wondering, plaid is still a big trend for fall. I for one, did not jump on that bandwagon last year because plaid reminds me of a farmer, and I just didn’t find it all that cute. I have seen a few cute plaid print coats, but I just couldn’t see myself in anything else plaid. Well, a few weeks ago, I was at my happy place Ross, and I happened to see a cute plaid dress, it was only 9.99, I figured I had nothing to lose by buying it, and seeing if I could put together a cute plaid look for the fall! I wore this to work on yesterday. Besides cute, it was also super comfy!

I ended up wearing it with the sleeves rolled up after I had taken this pic. I wore it with the same ankle boots I was gushing over the other day when I posted about another cute bell sleeve dress I also found at, you guessed it, Ross! Hey Ross peeps, if you’re reading this, you guys should seriously think about adding me to your payroll because I’m always bragging about my awesome Ross finds! 

Are you guys in love with plaid, or do you hate it? 

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