First day of tights and boots weather, yay!

Today has been amazeballs! Why? Because I got to wear tights and booties for the first time this fall, and I was over the moon excited!!! Thank goodness fall has decided to finally show up here in the south. Tights are a cold weather staple. I especially love patterned tights, but decided to just go with boring black today. 

I found this dress at the end of the summer at my fav Ross for only 12.99! I love the bell sleeves. I felt very groovy today! You can’t really see the booties in the pic, but they are super comfy and I love them! They are from Target. Don’t sleep on Target shoes. I’m definitely not a brand snob. If I like them I buy them, and Target makes a surprisingly good shoe for the price. These have to be maybe 6 years old and still look great. 

It’s supposed to be cool all weekend, so I’m thrilled about getting to wear more fall clothes and boots! What are you guys excited to wear most for the cooler weather? 

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