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Empty box report: Crest noticeably white whitestrips 


It’s spring, so why not extend spring cleaning to your teeth! I’m a teeth person, a smile is the first thing I notice when meeting someone new. 

I’m a sucker for white teeth and I’m always looking for the next best thing to whiten my teeth. It’s been awhile since I bought whitestrips because I’ve been using peroxide, which seemed to be keeping my teeth pretty white, but a few weeks ago I noticed my teeth weren’t so white anymore! So, it was time to change that! 

Normally I buy the Target brand because they’re a lot cheaper, but the day I went, they just happened to be on sale, making them even cheaper, so they were out. Bummer! So, I ended up getting the Crest ones. 

Back in the day I remember you had to use the top and bottom strips separately, and twice a day, so it would take a gazillion days! But these only took 10 days and you can now use the top and bottom together, yay! 

So, do they work? Yes! Now, you won’t see a dramatic difference, only a few shades, but these are great for maintenance. Do you have any teeth whitening tricks? 


Get your glow on!


Besides the hot, steamy, sweaty weather in the summer, one thing I do LOVE about summer is sun-kissed, glowy skin! Luckily nowadays with so many amazeballs products out there, you can get your glow on whenever you want! 

Last week, I just wasn’t satisfied with any of my make-up, I hated my foundation, mascara, bronzer, pretty much anything I had! So, I went on the MAC website and the first image I saw was an amazing bronzed beauty and I wasn’t going to rest until I found out how she got the look!

One day after work I stopped by the MAC counter, showed the artist the pic I saw, and of course she tells me I need a gazillion products! Here’s my look with my new products! 

I’m using two new products, strobe cream and a mineralize skin finish highlighter. 

The strobe cream is a moisturizer that gives you an awesome shimmer/glow! It’s so, so pretty even before you add anything else to your face! 

The skin finish, you add wherever the sun would normally hit your face. I do my forehead, down my nose, above my lip, chin, cheeks, and into my hairline. What are your fav products to get your glow on? I’m so loving the look, I will probably do this all the time now! 

And here’s the gorgeous model with her gazillion products, but I had to settle for two because ain’t nobody got time to be spending all the coins on make-up! 

Denim skirt kinda Saturday 


I hope everyone had an amazeballs week! I was looking forward to Friday since Monday, if that tells you anything about my week! 

So, I bought a cute denim skirt at my happy place, Ross a few weeks ago. I couldn’t wait until the weather was finally nice enough to wear it. I’m wearing it today, yay! The breeze has been a little cool on the legs at times, but I don’t care, my skirt is cute and I love it!  

 Everything I’m wearing, except for jewelry came from Ross! Funny story, the wedges are Steve Madden by way of Ross…I was wearing them last year, walking through the mall, and all of a sudden I fall, my shoe breaks, and I’m on the floor!!! I couldn’t tell you why, what happened, all I know is a small piece of my pride died right there on the floor in Carolina Place mall! But I got my shoe fixed, and I’m giving wedges another chance! I have been saying a prayer that I wouldn’t fall all day, and so far, so good!!! 

But back to the denim skirt, it was a great find and I can’t wait to wear it all summer! Do you love denim skirts too? 

Also, I’m loving the off the shoulder top, I’m actually slightly obsessed with off the shoulder dresses and tops, so I’ll be blogging about those soon! 

Bell sleeves and lace-up heels kinda Friday 


Happy Friday y’all! I’m soooooo glad this week is donezo! Fridays are my more casual dress days at work, even though we’re business casual every other day, I still like to dress up and look nice! So, casual to me is a dress I probably wouldn’t wear during the week 😁 

If you remember, I wrote about an ugly print dress that I was totally in love with that I ordered from Hautelook. I’ve only worn it twice but each time I wear it I realize how amazeballs it really is! The bell sleeves just rock, I love the way it fits, and when I’m feeling chubby, it hides everything!  

 It’s hard to see the awesomeness of the sleeves in the pic but take my word for it! This dress also looks great with my lace-up heels that I found at DSW last year. They’re also surprisingly comfy! 

Until next time, it was fun wearing this dress today! I’m now ready to throw on my comfy clothes, kick my feet up, watch some DVR’d shows, eat something I have no biz, and enjoy my Friday night! 

NYX Maison: perfect neutral lippie


So, if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE lipstick! I may just even say that I hoard them because I sometimes buy the same ones over and over even though I have a gazillion others in a similar shade 🙈 

NYX is one of my fav drugstore brands. Their products are actually very good quality for the price. The matte lippies are just the They’re non-drying and very long lasting. One of my faves is maison. It’s an awesome grayish brown and is supposedly a dupe for MAC stone.  

 I wear this one a lot, especially  if I want a neutral lip.  

 What’s your verdict on NYX products? I highly recommend them. You can find them in some drugstores, beauty supply stores, or Ulta, where I typically buy mine. 

Jamaican black castor oil for eyelash growth


Hey y’all! Hope everyone is having a fantabulous week! The last few weeks for me have been really, really, really bad, but I know that brighter days are ahead! Anywho, last year I mentioned on a previous post about my obsession with long eyelashes and how I’m willing to try anything that claims to make them grow! 

I saw in a beauty group that I was a member of on Facebook that Jamaican black castor oil was amazeballs for eyelash growth, or any hair growth for that matter. Since it is cheap, I decided why the heck not, and I purchased a bottle at Sally’s. So, things were going great for a few weeks, I used it every night, and then one day I dropped the bottle on the bathroom floor and there went my castor oil! So, I went back the next day to purchase a new one. I can’t remember the brand of the first one, but since this one was a smidgen cheaper, I got it instead.  

 I’ve been using it every night for about 2 months now, and yes, it works! My lashes have definitely gotten longer, I wish they were also getting thicker, but beggers can’t be choosy!  

 I also started out using it on a thin area in my hair, but it’s a pretty thick oil, and kinda weighed my hair down, so I didn’t use it long enough to know if it worked. If it makes lashes grow, I definitely think you should try it if you’re trying to grow your hair…if you don’t mind the heaviness of the oil. 

I apply a thin coat on both my lashes and lash line at night with a q tip. It absorbs pretty quickly so don’t worry about having greasy eyelids for long! 

Now, I’m also wearing mascara in the pic, but my lashes are definitely noticeably longer. Who knows, I just may get the va va voom lashes of my dreams if I keep using this! 

Have you ever tried this and what did you think?