Empty box report: Crest noticeably white whitestrips 

It's spring, so why not extend spring cleaning to your teeth! I'm a teeth person, a smile is the first thing I notice when meeting someone new.  I'm a sucker for white teeth and I'm always looking for the next best thing to whiten my teeth. It's been awhile since I bought whitestrips because I've... Continue Reading →


Get your glow on!

Besides the hot, steamy, sweaty weather in the summer, one thing I do LOVE about summer is sun-kissed, glowy skin! Luckily nowadays with so many amazeballs products out there, you can get your glow on whenever you want!  Last week, I just wasn't satisfied with any of my make-up, I hated my foundation, mascara, bronzer,... Continue Reading →


Denim skirt kinda Saturday 

I hope everyone had an amazeballs week! I was looking forward to Friday since Monday, if that tells you anything about my week!  So, I bought a cute denim skirt at my happy place, Ross a few weeks ago. I couldn't wait until the weather was finally nice enough to wear it. I'm wearing it... Continue Reading →


Bell sleeves and lace-up heels kinda Friday 

Happy Friday y'all! I'm soooooo glad this week is donezo! Fridays are my more casual dress days at work, even though we're business casual every other day, I still like to dress up and look nice! So, casual to me is a dress I probably wouldn't wear during the week 😁  If you remember, I... Continue Reading →


NYX Maison: perfect neutral lippie

So, if you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE lipstick! I may just even say that I hoard them because I sometimes buy the same ones over and over even though I have a gazillion others in a similar shade 🙈  NYX is one of my fav drugstore brands. Their... Continue Reading →


Jamaican black castor oil for eyelash growth

Hey y'all! Hope everyone is having a fantabulous week! The last few weeks for me have been really, really, really bad, but I know that brighter days are ahead! Anywho, last year I mentioned on a previous post about my obsession with long eyelashes and how I'm willing to try anything that claims to make... Continue Reading →


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