Denim skirt kinda Saturday 

I hope everyone had an amazeballs week! I was looking forward to Friday since Monday, if that tells you anything about my week! 

So, I bought a cute denim skirt at my happy place, Ross a few weeks ago. I couldn’t wait until the weather was finally nice enough to wear it. I’m wearing it today, yay! The breeze has been a little cool on the legs at times, but I don’t care, my skirt is cute and I love it!  

 Everything I’m wearing, except for jewelry came from Ross! Funny story, the wedges are Steve Madden by way of Ross…I was wearing them last year, walking through the mall, and all of a sudden I fall, my shoe breaks, and I’m on the floor!!! I couldn’t tell you why, what happened, all I know is a small piece of my pride died right there on the floor in Carolina Place mall! But I got my shoe fixed, and I’m giving wedges another chance! I have been saying a prayer that I wouldn’t fall all day, and so far, so good!!! 

But back to the denim skirt, it was a great find and I can’t wait to wear it all summer! Do you love denim skirts too? 

Also, I’m loving the off the shoulder top, I’m actually slightly obsessed with off the shoulder dresses and tops, so I’ll be blogging about those soon! 

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