Get your glow on!

Besides the hot, steamy, sweaty weather in the summer, one thing I do LOVE about summer is sun-kissed, glowy skin! Luckily nowadays with so many amazeballs products out there, you can get your glow on whenever you want! 

Last week, I just wasn’t satisfied with any of my make-up, I hated my foundation, mascara, bronzer, pretty much anything I had! So, I went on the MAC website and the first image I saw was an amazing bronzed beauty and I wasn’t going to rest until I found out how she got the look!

One day after work I stopped by the MAC counter, showed the artist the pic I saw, and of course she tells me I need a gazillion products! Here’s my look with my new products! 

I’m using two new products, strobe cream and a mineralize skin finish highlighter. 

The strobe cream is a moisturizer that gives you an awesome shimmer/glow! It’s so, so pretty even before you add anything else to your face! 

The skin finish, you add wherever the sun would normally hit your face. I do my forehead, down my nose, above my lip, chin, cheeks, and into my hairline. What are your fav products to get your glow on? I’m so loving the look, I will probably do this all the time now! 

And here’s the gorgeous model with her gazillion products, but I had to settle for two because ain’t nobody got time to be spending all the coins on make-up! 

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