Tina Turner leg goals inspired workout

If we're friends in real life or on social media, you know that Tina Turner is my ultimate leg goals inspiration. Her legs are "simply the best" as one of her songs would say. Every time leg day rolls around and I'm just not feeling the gym that day, I find the gumption to get... Continue Reading →


Summertime=cute dress season

Although I'm over being hot, sweaty, and thirsty all the time, one thing I do love about summer is I get to wear lots of cute dresses! And since the off the shoulder trend came about this year, there are some really cute dresses out there! I found the one I'm wearing today online at... Continue Reading →


Maybelline lash sensational review

I'm still at it, trying new mascaras! I've tried Maybelline lash sensational before, but not in waterproof, so I'm now trying the waterproof version. I'm a waterproof mascara kind of girl. One reason is because I'm a girl and sometimes we get emotional and cry at the most random of times! So, who wants raccoon... Continue Reading →


All eyebrow pencils aren’t created equal!

If you're a real life friend, chances are we've had the eyebrow conversation and discussed my disdain for terrible, overly drawn on eyebrows or what I affectionately refer to as clown brows! Look, I get it, I know we all have our shortcomings, and some people weren't blessed with an over abundance of eyebrows...but there... Continue Reading →


Off the shoulder trend alert

This spring/summer, off the shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere! And I'm totally here for it! It also reminds me of the 80's, and who didn't have fun with clothing in the 80's?!  So, my original idea for this blog post was to wear all my off the shoulder tops that I have, take some... Continue Reading →


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