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Tina Turner leg goals inspired workout


If we’re friends in real life or on social media, you know that Tina Turner is my ultimate leg goals inspiration. Her legs are “simply the best” as one of her songs would say. Every time leg day rolls around and I’m just not feeling the gym that day, I find the gumption to get it done because Tina Turner legs won’t happen for me by just wishing! 

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I mean seriously, would you look at this woman’s legs, they’re just amazeballs and for a 70-ish year old, she’s definitely still got it! 

So, for the last couple weeks I’ve been doing this or some variation of this leg workout every week and the next day I definitely feel it, so I know my work isn’t in vain, and hopefully I’m well on my way to Tina Turner legs of my own! 

  • 3 sets of step ups, 10 each leg while holding weights or kettle bells. 
  • 3 sets of shoulder press squats. 
  • 3 sets of lunges, 10 each leg. 
  • 3 sets of 12 calf raises. 

I’m not a trainer, but I’ve had some pretty awesome trainers over the years, and have done these exercises under their direction, so I know that they work. I also begin and end the workout with cardio. 

What are some of your fav lower body exercises? 


Summertime=cute dress season


Although I’m over being hot, sweaty, and thirsty all the time, one thing I do love about summer is I get to wear lots of cute dresses! And since the off the shoulder trend came about this year, there are some really cute dresses out there! I found the one I’m wearing today online at Target. It’s the Xhileration brand, which is the junior line, so beware, you’ll need to order a size larger than you normally wear because junior sizes are cut smaller. I’m wearing a medium. 

I also got a weird compliment from a guy in a parking lot today who told me I was going to cause an accident in my outfit 🤔 not quite sure how to take that one! 

Are you loving the off the shoulder dresses this summer? 

Hope you guys are staying cool! 

Maybelline lash sensational review


I’m still at it, trying new mascaras! I’ve tried Maybelline lash sensational before, but not in waterproof, so I’m now trying the waterproof version. I’m a waterproof mascara kind of girl. One reason is because I’m a girl and sometimes we get emotional and cry at the most random of times! So, who wants raccoon eyes when that happens?! 

I have to say I’m a fan of Maybelline mascaras anyway, so trying this one was a no-brainer. I like it a lot but I’m not in love. I like to layer it, and this one can get a little clumpy, as you can see in the pic. It’s also time for an eyebrow threading, so ignore the brows! 
But, I’d definitely buy it again, but my next purchase will be something else, just not sure what it will be yet! 

Anyone have any new mascara recs for me to try next??

All eyebrow pencils aren’t created equal!


If you’re a real life friend, chances are we’ve had the eyebrow conversation and discussed my disdain for terrible, overly drawn on eyebrows or what I affectionately refer to as clown brows! Look, I get it, I know we all have our shortcomings, and some people weren’t blessed with an over abundance of eyebrows…but there is a way to NATURALLY fill them in without looking totally fake and drawn on. 

The key is a good eyebrow pencil, or powder if you prefer. No, an eyeliner pencil does not count, so please stop using one immediately if that’s what you’re using! Eyeliners are too dark, and heavy. Eyebrow pencils were created specifically for eyebrow use, so they look way more natural. The key is to find the right shade. Too dark, and they’re still going to look drawn on, and very harsh. 

Here are two of my faves. You can find both at Ulta. The NYX pencil costs about $5. The it cosmetics pencil costs about $12 for the mini size like I have or $24 for the full size. The mini lasts me for months so that’s what I’d recommend. It’s also a universal color and adjusts the color automatically so it takes the guess work out of choosing the right color! 

I fill my brows in daily. You get the hang of it pretty quickly and it just becomes a part of your daily routine. Mine have a few patches where they aren’t as full, which is why I like to fill them in. They look natural…or at least I think 😁 
What’s your fav eyebrow product? I’ve never tried anything other than a pencil or powder, but there are soooooo many other products out there. 

Off the shoulder trend alert


This spring/summer, off the shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere! And I’m totally here for it! It also reminds me of the 80’s, and who didn’t have fun with clothing in the 80’s?! 

So, my original idea for this blog post was to wear all my off the shoulder tops that I have, take some pics, and show you guys all the different looks at once….but that didn’t happen, so here we are today! 

Also, don’t mind my hair…I have no idea what to do with it now that it’s short, and I soooooo can’t wait for it to grow back!!!!

Besides off the shoulder tops being super cute, bare shoulders are also super sexy! 
I found this top at my happy place, Ross in the junior’s section. I’m telling you guys, that’s where all the cute, trendy clothes are! 

Do you guys love the off the shoulder look? I’m obsessed!!!