All eyebrow pencils aren’t created equal!

If you’re a real life friend, chances are we’ve had the eyebrow conversation and discussed my disdain for terrible, overly drawn on eyebrows or what I affectionately refer to as clown brows! Look, I get it, I know we all have our shortcomings, and some people weren’t blessed with an over abundance of eyebrows…but there is a way to NATURALLY fill them in without looking totally fake and drawn on. 

The key is a good eyebrow pencil, or powder if you prefer. No, an eyeliner pencil does not count, so please stop using one immediately if that’s what you’re using! Eyeliners are too dark, and heavy. Eyebrow pencils were created specifically for eyebrow use, so they look way more natural. The key is to find the right shade. Too dark, and they’re still going to look drawn on, and very harsh. 

Here are two of my faves. You can find both at Ulta. The NYX pencil costs about $5. The it cosmetics pencil costs about $12 for the mini size like I have or $24 for the full size. The mini lasts me for months so that’s what I’d recommend. It’s also a universal color and adjusts the color automatically so it takes the guess work out of choosing the right color! 

I fill my brows in daily. You get the hang of it pretty quickly and it just becomes a part of your daily routine. Mine have a few patches where they aren’t as full, which is why I like to fill them in. They look natural…or at least I think 😁 
What’s your fav eyebrow product? I’ve never tried anything other than a pencil or powder, but there are soooooo many other products out there. 

2 thoughts on “All eyebrow pencils aren’t created equal!

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  1. Im always on the hunt for the perfect brow pencil but so far my high end fave is – Kevyn Aucoin’s precision brow pencil and drug store is Maybelline’s eye studio brow precise.


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