Homemade detox lemonade tea

Raise your hand if you over indulged last week during thanksgiving! Uh yeah, my hand is raised high! Thankfully it wasn't on sugary desserts, but only because we only had one sweet potato pie that I picked up at Publix, and banana pudding. By the way, Publix makes a pretty good pie, for being store... Continue Reading →


Red lip Wednesday! 

Two things I love, a bold lip and a matte lippie! 2015 seems to be the year of the matte lip and I'm here for all of it!  MAC is by far my fav lippie brand but at $17 each, I'm always willing to try a more economical alternative!  I've gotten 2 of the Loreal... Continue Reading →


Darn good green smoothie 

I've been on a weight loss/healthy eating journey for awhile now. For the past few months, my go-to, fav breakfast is a green smoothie. It's filling, low on calories, and pretty inexpensive to make!  All you need is a blender and it doesn't have to be a super expensive one. Mine is a black &... Continue Reading →


New fall nail color

It's been a looooonnng week! I was away from home all week for work and my nails were looking a hot mess! One of my first stops after being reunited with my own vehicle was the nail salon!  I also needed more of an awesome conditioner that did wonders for my hair the other week... Continue Reading →


The awesomeness of ponchos!

This fall I am loving the poncho trend! Thanks to the 70s fashion revival I am really having fun with bringing back some old trends from my favorite decade (fashion wise)! I had a poncho or two years ago that I wish I had saved! The bad thing about once I find something I like,... Continue Reading →


C. Booth product review

I received this product compliments of Influenster, so thanks Influenster! If you are interested in testing products and giving your opinion, be sure to sign up with them!  So, first of all I had a hard time finding where these products were sold! I tried CVS and Publix, then found them at Walmart. However Walmart... Continue Reading →


…and my fringe obsession continues! 

Hello, my name is Kindra and I'm addicted to anything with fringe! Fringe is just awesome! If it comes with fringe, I'm buying, no matter what it is! I now have lost count of how many pairs of shoes I have with fringe, but I've recently added another pair to the collection 😁 I got... Continue Reading →


Duster sweaters rock!

I remember how my mom loved a sweater coat when I was a kid. And when duster sweaters became popular last year, I thought of her. Hmmm that gives me a Christmas gift idea!  I absolutely love duster sweaters. They can add an instant pizazz to a boring outfit! I like to wear mine with... Continue Reading →


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