C. Booth product review

I received this product compliments of Influenster, so thanks Influenster! If you are interested in testing products and giving your opinion, be sure to sign up with them! 

So, first of all I had a hard time finding where these products were sold! I tried CVS and Publix, then found them at Walmart. However Walmart didn’t carry the entire line so this was my only choice! 

  First let me say this may not be a fair review because I’m not a fan of body lotion to begin with. I either use body oil, Shea or cocoa butter, or plain ol’ vaseline! I found this product to be a little runny and I’m not fond of the smell. I don’t really like vanilla scented products but again, this was my only choice at Walmart. 
I also have very dry skin so this didn’t really keep the ash at bay! I’d say if you like body lotions in general and don’t have super dry skin, then try the product and you may like it! I probably wouldn’t buy it but only for the reason that I need something that is formulated for dry skin. 

Thanks again Influenster!  #BodybyCBooth

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