…and my fringe obsession continues! 

Hello, my name is Kindra and I’m addicted to anything with fringe! Fringe is just awesome! If it comes with fringe, I’m buying, no matter what it is! I now have lost count of how many pairs of shoes I have with fringe, but I’ve recently added another pair to the collection 😁

I got these from Hautelook. And yes I’m also addicted to Hautelook now too! The best part, I don’t see everyone else walking around in the same things I have! You can find some pretty cool stuff! 

 They were an awesome deal. I got them for around $25. I can’t comment on comfort because I haven’t gotten to wear them yet but they’re super cute, that’s for sure! 

Are you too obsessed with fringe like me? I just can’t help myself!!!!! 

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