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Ah yeah, a perfect hot pink shoe for spring!


These were a day late getting here, darn you winter snow storm, but these beauties arrived today! Ordered them from DSW. They are by Qupid in hot pink and were less than $30, but with my coupon I scored them for about $20! Whooohooo! 

Since I just got them, I can’t comment on comfort…but I don’t have high hopes for super duper comfort, but that’s what gel ball of foot cushions are for! 

Do you like? You can order them here


For the love of a cute wedge!


I should probably also start a new category for all of my fantabulous Ross finds! I can’t say how much I love that place! I actually call it my happy place. I go there and can stay for hours and I like to go alone so that no one rushes me 😀

Yesterday was a good shoe day at Ross! I found another pair of super cute Carlos Santana wedges (fuschia color in pic) and an orange pair, I’m not sure what brand they are, but I’m not a brand snob. If I like it, I buy it. Both pair were less than $50. If you don’t shop in Ross, you should! You might be surprised what you find! 

Cute find


I think I’m actually going to start a new category on my blog for all of the fantabulous accessories I find on Not sure who posted a link to the site on Facebook some time ago, but thank you!!! Since then, I’ve ordered tons of cute, unique, stylish, and most of all affordable accessories! 

I’ve found so many dupes of expensive pieces that you’d find in J Crew, Anthroplogy, and Stella & Dot just to name a few. 

I just got this in the mail this week and I couldn’t wait to wear it. It’s cute and simple and can be worn with sooooo many things! Can’t remember exactly what I paid, but I’m thinking something like 4.99. The most I’ve ever paid for shipping is 2.99. If you love accessories, you’ve gotta check out! 

No they’re not paying me to say all of this, I just love to pass along a good bargain when I find one! But, if you’re listening, I’d love for you to sponsor my blog 😊

Why you don’t answer unknown numbers…could be a guy who calls months after you meet them…for the first time!


So, this just happened. I got a call from an unknown number. It was a guy who says we met and had been talking on the phone a few times. Only, I haven’t been talking to a guy whose name was who he said he was. I go on to ask where we met and if he was sure he had ever spoken to me on the phone. He says we met out and about…boy that really narrows it down! Weird thing was, he knew my name. 

He says it’s been awhile since we talked. Um problem is we never, ever, ever have. I forget a lot of things but I know who I talk to on the phone. After that awkward conversation ended, it clicked and I remember who it was. One day…mind you before Christmas so it’s been awhile…I was walking into Publix and see a tall hunk of chocolate. Our eyes meet, he stops, I stop, and we have a great 5 or so minute conversation. He asks for my number…and never calls!!! Why do men do that?!?! Why ask for my number with no intention of calling…or call months later and pretend that we’ve been talking on the phone all this time?! Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

So, moral of the story, unknown numbers will keep going to voicemail! 

A purple lippie that won’t make you look like you’re dying


Purple lippies are everywhere now. I’ve been on a quest to find one that I loved. Some of the ones that I considered looked like I had been dead for a few hours. 

So, my $3 rewards from Ulta was burning a whole in my pocket, so I decided to use it towards a new lippie on Saturday. Again, I looked at purple shades and didn’t see one that I loved until I looked in the NYX section. Found it! This one is one of the high voltage lipsticks in Twisted. I’m starting to love matte lippies, and this one isn’t matte, but it’s not super shiny either. It feels great on, non-drying, and pretty long lasting. I drink a lot during the day and this stays out pretty nicely! 

Have you found a purple that you love? If so, please share! 

What I learned from ‘Being Mary Jane’ last week


Not my fav show, but I feel invested since I watched all of season 1, so I’m now watching out of obligation. So, on last week’s episode, Mary Jane’s “cut buddy” was introduced. Maybe I’m not up on my slang, but I still call it FWB…friends with benefits. 

Being single, we all have our moments…especially last week when it was single degree temps in the Carolinas. Some body heat would have been fantabulous…and when I said that to my mom, she told me to get an electric blanket! 

Here’s the thing though, now that I’m older, and I know what I want, a “cut buddy” as Mary Jane calls it just isn’t enough. At some point in that kinda arrangement, someone is bound to catch feelings, and almost always those feelings aren’t reciprocated. So, in the end someone gets hurt. So, is it really worth it? 

What do you think? Has a FWB arrangement ever turned into love? 

Shop your closet before you go shopping or you could end up with two pair of the same shoes!


So this happened last week when I was cleaning out the closet to get rid of things I no longer wear. I found two pair of the same shoes! And even worse I probably bought both over 2 years ago but I’m just now discovering that I have two of the same pair! They’re cute, but I only needed one pair!

Moral of the story, know what you already have before you go shopping!

Not hopping aboard the 50 Shades of Grey train, but I do love this grey polish!


I’ve never read the books and I have no interest in the movie, but I’m loving seeing how the craze is inspiring just about everything and now grey seems to be the new “it” color! 

I happened to find this color on clearance while killing time at Rite Aid on Saturday while waiting for my consignment drop off to be assessed. Totally unrelated, we have a store called Clothes Mentor here in Charlotte and they will buy your clothing, shoes, and accessories on the spot. You won’t get what you paid of course, but not a bad deal for things you no longer wear. 

Anyway, the color is storm by L.A. Girl. It’s on clearance right now at Rite Aid for under $2!

I LOVE this color. Since no color lasts on my nails without chipping longer than a day, two if I’m lucky, I can’t comment on whether or not it’s long-lasting, but the color is the! I hope it being on clearance doesn’t mean it’s being discontinued! I’ve never even heard of or tried this brand before, but I’d definitely try it again! 

Here’s what it looks like on my nails. 

BMI does not take into account the hips, thighs, and booties of black women!


So, today I had my biometric screening done at work. For the 3rd year in a row, according to the BMI chart, I’m overweight!

Here’s what, black women for the most part have bigger hips, thighs, and booties! It seems unfair to use one scale for all people when we’re all made up differently but hey, what do I know!

The first year that I became “overweight” it honestly hurt my feelings! But now, not so much because if this is what overweight looks like, then I’ll take it! Of course I’d love to lose a good 20 lbs, but I’m not going to sit here and sulk about a number on a chart. But I do think that measure is a little outdated.

What do you think?

A “nude” shoe perfect for brown girls like me!


On Valentine’s Day I bought shoes! As a single woman, you always gotta love yourself and treat YOU right before anyone else can! I actually bought two pair of shoes that day, but DSW had to order these, and they just got here today!

They are a perfect “nude” for us brown girls! Maybe I’m just delusional because I don’t have any Louboutin’s yet, but they kinda remind me just a smidgen of the Pigalle. 

They come in other colors too, I’ve already got my eye on the fuschia pair! They’re not the most comfy, but not the most uncomfy either. If you’ve been looking for a nude shoe that more closely matches your complexion go check these out! They’re the Veronica by Jessica Simpson in cognac.