Why you don’t answer unknown numbers…could be a guy who calls months after you meet them…for the first time!

So, this just happened. I got a call from an unknown number. It was a guy who says we met and had been talking on the phone a few times. Only, I haven’t been talking to a guy whose name was who he said he was. I go on to ask where we met and if he was sure he had ever spoken to me on the phone. He says we met out and about…boy that really narrows it down! Weird thing was, he knew my name. 

He says it’s been awhile since we talked. Um problem is we never, ever, ever have. I forget a lot of things but I know who I talk to on the phone. After that awkward conversation ended, it clicked and I remember who it was. One day…mind you before Christmas so it’s been awhile…I was walking into Publix and see a tall hunk of chocolate. Our eyes meet, he stops, I stop, and we have a great 5 or so minute conversation. He asks for my number…and never calls!!! Why do men do that?!?! Why ask for my number with no intention of calling…or call months later and pretend that we’ve been talking on the phone all this time?! Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

So, moral of the story, unknown numbers will keep going to voicemail! 

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