Kimonos are pretty awesome!

I love a good kimono! They can be worn with anything! You can wear them as a swim suit coverup, with shorts, jeans, even with a dress. I haven't found anything yet that doesn't look good with a kimono.  Today I'm wearing one that I found last weekend at Ross with a pair of high... Continue Reading →


If it comes with fringe, I’m buying! 

I have no idea what it is about fringe and tassels, but if I see something with fringe, it's coming home with me! So, I'm super excited that fringe is in, so there are lots of fringy options these days!  Today I'm wearing a jumpsuit that I got from Ross last weekend with a fringe... Continue Reading →


Always hungry like me? Try this!

To say that I love good food is an understatement! I get excited when I know a good meal is in my future! That is why exercise is a must for me as well, because it seems that I just look at food and gain weight!  The struggle is real! I seem to always be... Continue Reading →


TIS the season of the romper!

One thing I always look forward to when the weather is warm is wearing rompers! I also refer to them as adult onesies, but they are awesome!!! A whole outfit in one piece of clothing is just genius!!!!  Today I'm wearing my first romper of the season! I got it at Ross months ago, of... Continue Reading →


Un-anniversaries and holidays

   Getting divorced is HARD, well hard is an understatement, but chances are you know someone, or you've been through a divorce yourself; so no further explanation needed!  Regardless of how/when it happens, you'll NEVER forget what you went through...but when your un-anniversary falls on a holiday, how's that for an in-your-face reminder!!!!  I got... Continue Reading →


Summer nail color

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you already know that green is one of my fav colors. A few weeks ago, Ulta had an amazeballs sale on their nailpolish, so I picked up a few new colors to try since they were only $2. One of which was a super cute mint green... Continue Reading →


Proof that leopard is a neutral! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, leopard is indeed a neutral! I've not yet found a color that it doesn't look good with, and I've tried a lot of color combos!  Today I'm wearing a leopard print blouse with what is supposed to be an orange skirt, but it pretty much looks... Continue Reading →


Squatting & lunging is all worth it when it’s shorts time!!! 

I complain...oh yes I complain when it's leg day at the gym, but when it's warm, and time to bring out the shorts, it's all well worth it!  I've still got some work to do on the thunder thighs, but so far I'm stoked about the results. Today everything I'm wearing except for the necklace... Continue Reading →


White hot for summer!

If you're a curvy girl and you listen to fashion experts, you may be afraid to wear white, especially white pants! But being someone who wears what I want I love to wear white jeans.  And the best thing about wearing white is that you can wear pretty much any color with white! If you've... Continue Reading →


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