Un-anniversaries and holidays

Getting divorced is HARD, well hard is an understatement, but chances are you know someone, or you’ve been through a divorce yourself; so no further explanation needed! 

Regardless of how/when it happens, you’ll NEVER forget what you went through…but when your un-anniversary falls on a holiday, how’s that for an in-your-face reminder!!!! 

I got married on Memorial Day weekend 13 years ago. The marriage lasted about 6 years, the first 3 of them were happy, the last 3…not so much. Although my marriage didn’t last, I learned A LOT!!!! 

Don’t cry for me Argentina, I’m not downplaying the process it took to get here, but I’m digging the new and improved post-divorce Kindra. I actually like her a lot! And, the other side is quite nice, less debt, less drama, I can decorate my place any way I want without someone complaining…and most importantly, it’s peaceful!!!!! 

So, here’s what, when choosing your wedding date, stay far away from holidays! Just for the sake of if it doesn’t work out, you won’t have the blaring reminder of your un-anniversary falling on a holiday. The upside is that if you’re feeling down, there’s always a holiday sale going on, and retail therapy is good for the soul ☺️

And, whoever husband number 2 is, I’m better prepared for the 2nd time around, thanks to what I’ve been through, so it actually was a blessing in disguise and I’m thankful! Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

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  1. Kindra, though I have never been married myself..believe it or not, I could totally relate to this particular post. As I just mentioned I never married but, I was in a long term monogamous relationship for 10 years. In my case after it was over, I realized that there were more downs than ups and that I had to admit to myself, that I stayed longer than I should have because I didn’t want to give up on a relationship that was together for so long! For me, I thought I could wait around long enough hoping that things would change & get better. But, they never did! *(I knew it too) We were just-together for the sake of having someone in our lives. PLUS! We both had an idea that dating as an older person would NOT be easy! (SMH) Boy, did I found out quickly-it WAS harder to date when your over 30! And YES, for some time the holiday’s would bring back certain memories from my past. It was tough-but, I got through it and like yourself, loved that it had also given me time to wrk on myself! To me, that was the best thing ever! Well, It’s been yrs since that particular relationship ended & for a minute, I was starting to think I would not meet anyone. I thought after all of the work that I put in on getting myself back together and accepting the NEW & IMPROVED me-that I would meet a nice guy right away! Well! it didn’t happen as quickly as I wanted! LOL (Being honest.) For a spilt second, I began to doubt that men did not date women seriously in my age bracket! But,God…!! The Lord had someone for me all along. It was when I STOPPED looking-someone did come in my life! In fact, HE was already there! An old buddy/friend of mine I had known for almost 10 years! Little did I know, that this very same person would ask me to marry him last year & in just a couple of wks (June 12th) we are getting married! It’s hard to believe-but, it’s true! I truly believe there is someone for EVERYONE. *(Especially YOU!) No, I do not know you..however, I have a feeling you are a gem! God Bless you kindra- enjoy your day!


    1. You have no idea how much I needed this today!!!!! I shouldn’t admit that reading this made me a little misty eyed 😊. And congrats to you!!!! That’s such an awesome story! God definitely knows best & his timing is always perfect!


  2. Kindra that someone special will come someday on God’s timeing wait on him that’s what happened to me.


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