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Shoe lover tip: shop off season


Hey y’all! It’s Friday, yay!!!! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week. I could hardly wait for Friday to get here. I was so excited to finally get a taste of fall, but now we’re back into the 70s and even 80s at some point this weekend here in Charlotte. I’m just ready to wear all of my coats, sweaters, and boots already! Speaking of boots, I’ve found the best time to shop for them is off season. Because the good ones are so pricey, I like to buy them in the off season when they’re cheap! 

I bought these amazeballs booties, that I’m actually wearing again today over the summer from Nordstrom Rack during one of the clear the rack sales where you get an extra 25% off clearance. They ended up being less than $15! The only thing about shopping during the off season is that you may forget what you have in your closet, so be sure to shop your closet first before going out shopping again! 

Do you guys shop off season too? It’s really a no brainer! I’ve found some great pieces over the years. Off season and clearance rack shopping is the way to go! 


Dillard’s clearance: fab shoe find


Hey y’all! Hope everyone has had an amazeballs week so far. It’s been eons since I wrote about shoes. I’ve actually been trying to do less shopping. I have soooooo much stuff it’s getting kinda ridiculous. But when Dillard’s has a clearance sale where you get extra off, it’s worth checking it out. It was the weekend before July 4th and there was an extra 30% off! I went a little nuts. I got 2 pair of sunnies, a necklace, earrings, a shirt (which I just remembered,) and these fab pair of heels! 

They ended up being like $25. You can’t beat that for a pair of Jessica Simpsons. I love her shoes by the way. I even wore a pair today. They’re affordable, always comfy, and always on sale somewhere! 

So other than sales like these, I rarely even shop at Dillard’s. But like I said, when they have these sales, you must go. You never know what you’ll find. I hear there’s also a Dillard’s clearance store in Asheville. I’ve been meaning to go, and I think I may do that on my bday this year. I always take the day off because hello, I don’t work on the national holiday that is my bday, and I need something to do that day. It’s not far away, so why not go and see what I can find. Have you guys been? 

Mules are back in style!


For the past few seasons, mules have been back in style yay! Some people hate them, some love them, and I’m one of the ones who love them! You just slide your feet in them and go! I’ve bought two new pair in the last couple of months. I’ll try not to buy anymore so that I don’t overdo it, as I usually do when I find something I love. Mules were popular of course in the 70’s, but again in the 90’s. I’m all for bringing something retro back! 

These are by Express, by way of Rugged Wearhouse. Don’t turn your nose up at Rugged Wearhouse. It’s not the most organized place to shop, but you really can find some great things for a super low price. And who doesn’t like a bargain?!

So, what are you guys hoping will come back into style? 

Belk shoe clearance – go, go, go!


What could cure my blues…at least temporarily? Shoe shopping! Or any kind of shopping for that matter. It goes without saying, I LOVE shoes! The higher the heel, the better. They really do make your legs look amazeballs. So, a couple weeks ago, I was on the Belk website and decided to look at the shoes. It was my lucky day, because there was also an extra 40% off! I found two pair, for about $50. Then, a few days later while at the mall with a friend, I found another pair that I hadn’t seen online. If you’re not a regular Belk shopper, they often have an additional amount off clearance, and there’s almost always a coupon! So, here’s what I found. 

Top left: OTK suede boots by New Direction. I believe this is Belk’s private brand. 

Bottom left: suede lace up block heels. You can never go wrong with Steve Madden! 

Right: super funky Jessica Simpson platform sandals. I so can’t wait to wear them! 

I was on the site just yesterday, and there’s still clearance shoes left, so do yourselves a favor and check them out. Also check your local stores because they’ll have styles not listed online. Some larger stores even have a whole clearance shoe room! Let me know what you guys find! 

DSW clearance – go, go, go!!!!


Hey y’all! I’ve seriously been slacking with blogging lately, but I’m back! So, last week was an absolute doozy, but the weekend ended up being quite nice. I ended up at DSW on Saturday. I always go straight to the clearance section. It’s usually hit or miss, but on Saturday it was a total hit! I only bought one pair because I’m trying to reel in the excessive shoe buying habit, but I so could have gotten at least 3 pair! 

I’ve had my eye on a pair of these all summer, so I was thrilled to find a pair for much less than the $100 plus original price! They were only $34 after my $10 off coupon! 

They’re Steve Madden, can’t remember the exact name of the shoe but I’m sure you’ve been seeing similar styles all spring/summer. This was the first I had seen with the criss cross design. The ones I’ve seen tie around the ankle. 

The other pair that I wish I had gotten was a peep toe, block heel, red pump. I don’t even do red in my wardrobe, but they were so cute! I may go back to see if they’re still there. 

If you haven’t shopped DSW lately, go!!!! And if you have, what goodies have you found lately?

Late to the two strap sandal party 


I call them the Jennifer Aniston shoe because she seems to wear them all the time! But I’ve seen them everywhere the past couple spring/summers. I’m very late, but I bought my first pair of two strap sandals….well the first since they became trendy again.  

 I’m still trying to decide if I love them. They do elongate the legs, and seem to be comfy, so I’ll probably keep them. They were also a steal on, less than $20!   

 Are you a fan of these type shoes? They are very versatile, so I see why Jenn loves them so much! Look at me calling her Jenn as if we’re really “Friends.” 

Fringe skirt Monday 


Happy Monday y’all! And for those whose first day back to work after a long hiatus, I hope you adjust well 😊

So, during my hiatus, I did a good bit of shopping! I’m a fringe and faux suede junkie, so when I saw this skirt on clearance at Versona, I had to have it! It was also an awesome deal at 16.99!  

 This skirt is so much fun to wear because the fringe moves when you walk, so every time I get up from my desk today, I’m gonna pretend I’m on a runway! 

Did anyone else do any shopping over the Christmas break? If so, what goodies did you find? I’ll also be posting about my other fab finds soon, so be on the lookout! 

Steve Madden lace-up heels


Happy New Year everyone! I chose to ring in the new year by going to church and dinner with a friend. Hopefully this year I’ll be somewhere fabulous with a date, wearing a super cute outfit and killer heels! Not that church isn’t an awesome way to celebrate being blessed to see another year, but I’d like to experience one of those fancy parties that I see on tv where you get all dressed up and get a kiss from your handsome date when the clock strikes 12! 

I’ve completely derailed…but I wanted to show you these totally awesome, smoking hot pair of lace-up heels I found at Dillard’s on Friday at the New Year’s Day sale!  By the way, if you’ve never been to this sale, GO next year! Pretty much every department has 50% off clearance! And it’s not just junk clearance, it’s the good stuff! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, but get there early! 

 They’re the Raela by Steve Madden. I don’t know what it is about lace-up heels but I can’t not buy them when I see them! They look so good on! I got mine for a steal, but you can get them for regular price here. They also come in other colors. I had to talk myself out of buying the nude, but I now wish I wouldn’t have! 

Do you have a pair of these? I’m so looking forward to wearing these with everything! Steve Madden shoes are typically always super comfy! 

Fav shoes of 2015


So if you’ve been around for awhile, you know that I’m a self-proclaimed shoeaholic! I’m kind of ashamed to say that I exceeded the max of 15 pics while making this collage, which means I bought way more than 15 pairs of shoes this year 🙈 

Here are some of my fav shoe purchases this year!  

 By far, my absolute fav was THE shoe, my first of hopefully many more Christian Louboutins. I’m still in love with them! My only complaint is that they now flop on my feet a little, but I don’t have buyer’s remorse and would buy another pair in a skinny minute! 

Also this year I found my new fav site to shop for shoes, Hautelook. It’s amazeballs! The only thing is you have to buy whatever catches your eye when you see it because once it’s gone there’s no guarantee the deal will come back. The prices are also awesome! And best of all, you can return to your local Nordstrom Rack if you need to. 

I did make an attempt to buy less shoes and even tried to go on a no new shoe buying fast, which only lasted a month, but because I’m all about finding a great deal, I don’t feel bad about buying more shoes! And life is short, just buy the shoes, that’s my mantra!

Fellow shoeaholics, what was your fav shoe purchase of the year? 

Add a pop of color to a boring outfit with your shoes! 


If you haven’t caught on by now, I love shoes! More importantly I love a fabulous pair of heels! Today I’m wearing black and white, which is rare because I’m usually wearing bright colors. But, I had to add a pop of color, so I’m wearing an amazeballs pair of suede royal blue fringe pumps I ordered from Hautelook a few months ago.  

 They kinda look black in the pic, but they’re a really pretty royal blue. I had no idea I’d become such a fan of blue this year, but I dig it! I love a black and blue combo!  

 What colors do you like to wear to add a splash of color when wearing black and white? My all time fav is yellow. It looks so awesome with black and white! 

Where I got it: 

  • Blouse: Express
  • Skirt: Ross
  • Shoes: Hautelook