Shoes need a smidgen of stretching? Try this

You know how it is when a shoe fits, but you could use a little extra room in the toe area, but if you went up a half size, the shoe would flop on your feet? Whelp, I have a solution for you! And for less than $5! I found these little mini shoe stretchers that came with 2 pair on eBay.

They’ll only work in the toe area, so if you need the stretch in another area, sorry, this won’t work. The directions also say to wet the leather, but I didn’t find this necessary. I used them in my shoes, just the way they were. One pair was a pair of peep toe heels, and the other was a pair of peep toe booties.

You can find them on eBay, just do a search for mini shoe stretcher. I used them for the first time last night, and I just took them out, tried on both pairs, and omg, now they both fit perfectly! Try them, and thank me later!

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