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Quick and easy Christmas treats!


It’s almost Christmas y’all! If you’re looking for something easy you can whip together to take to a work potluck, cookie exchange, or even something fun to do with your kids, I’ve got one for ya! It may sound odd, and not all that delish, but trust me, you will love chocolate covered Ritz peanut butter sandwich cookies. They’re the perfect combo of sweet and salty, and they’re easy peasy to make! 


1 box of Ritz, peanut butter, and white chocolate or almond bark. I use almond bark. 


  • Make Ritz peanut butter sandwiches and place on a sheet of parchment paper. 
  • Melt almond bark in a microwave safe bowl in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Check to see if more time is needed and stir. 
  • Using tongs, dip sandwiches in chocolate and place on a sheet of parchment paper. 
  • Use sprinkles for decoration if you wish. 
  • Leave the cookies to set for about 20 minutes if you’re using almond bark. If you decide to use melted chocolate you may have to put the cookies in the freezer to set for a bit. So, I’d suggest almond bark! 

Almond bark is a smidgen messy and I’d suggest using a bowl you’re not in love with and from the Dollar Tree so that you can trash it when you’re done. This stuff is like wax and doesn’t wash off anything easily. You’ll also want to use disposable tongs, plastic fork, or whatever you choose to dip with. 
This is a popular treat during the holidays, so you’ve probably had them before. If not, trust me, try them and thank me later! 


Wet n wild megalast catsuit review: video vixen 


Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas y’all! To me, a red lip just screams holiday season, and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red lippie for awhile now. I have a gazillion reds, but none of them are what I really want. Instead of a bright fire engine red, I like darker, richer reds more. I always hear MAC’s Ruby Woo is the fav, but I haven’t tried it yet. I was at Walgreen’s yesterday checking out the beauty clearance and also the new Wet n Wild Megalast Catsuit lippies. For Wet n Wild, I found them pricey at 4.99, so I only bought one, although the other colors were super pretty. 

This is Video Vixen. It’s more of a wine than a dark red, but I do love it. They are matte once it dries, and they are very long-wearing. Unless I eat them off, I have to remove with my makeup remover at the end of the day. 

I will definitely try another color, and highly recommend them if you’ve been thinking about it. 

Do you guys have any red lippie recommendations? 

Create your own perfect nude lippie shade


Happy Monday y’all! Hope you all had an amazeballs weekend! Mine sure was, and now I’m counting down to my holiday time off, yay! So, I don’t know about y’all, but I have a gazillion nude lippies. I keep buying them and then I hate the shade when I get home so they just take up space. I have a friend who loves lip liners. I’ve never been a fan because I’m like ugh, another step in my make up routine?? I don’t think so! But I decided to experiment with lip liners to get the shade of nude I wanted. I purchased both NYX and Milani brands but NYX is my fav. This is the shade that I’m in love with at the moment. 

The liner is Maison and the lippie is Euro Trash, both by NYX. 


Here’s a better pic of what it looks like on. And if it looks like I just woke up, this was after my 3 hr nap yesterday! 

Basically, I just looked for pencils in the brown family and added my lippie on top. Bam! I finally have a nude shade that I love! 

Do you guys have a fav nude shade? Or are you a fan of lip liners? Let me know what you think!

Get MAC strobe cream for less


Happy Saturday y’all! It’s beyond cold here in Charlotte, brrrr! I’ve been dreading getting out of bed but a package just arrived and the way people steal these days I couldn’t leave it outside for too long! I’m still a little bitter about my boots being stolen if you can’t tell! Anywho, if you remember a few months ago I wrote about an awesome MAC  product that gives you an awesome glow! It’s called strobe cream and my life has been changed forever since I discovered it 😊 but, it is a little pricey. I think it’s about $34 and for only 1.7 ounces. But being the bargain shopper that I am, I found a way to get it cheaper! 

You can buy the travel size, which is one ounce for only $12! I order online because the stores rarely have travel size anything in stock, and you get free samples! And most of the time you get free shipping! They’ve gone up $2 so I guess more people are buying them, but I hope the price stays low for a little while longer. This will last me for months because a little goes a long way. I get 2.2 ounces for much less than the full size. 

Have you guys tried this product yet? Or do you have a fav product to get your glow on?

A must try bathroom cleaner


Happy Sunday y’all! The procrastinator that I am waits until Sunday to clean. So cleaning is fresh on the brain! This is something that has nothing to do with anything I blog about but I’m so excited about how well this cleaner worked, I just had to share! I hate cleaning, but I do love a clean house. My last boyfriend even told me that my house was “too clean” whatever that means! 

So, I was shopping at Walmart on Friday and was looking for a new cleaner. My tub gets so dirty. You’d swear I never take showers if you looked at my tub at the end of the week! I still don’t know where all the dirt comes from 😳 I feel like I’ve tried every cleaner out there and haven’t quite found one that really works. After seeing the commercials for years, I finally decided to try CLR. 

Y’all, this stuff is a miracle worker! I can’t believe how well it worked and I didn’t even have to scrub until my arm felt like it was about to fall off! I’ve only used it in the tub so far but it says it works on multiple surfaces. 

I also found this little brush at Walmart, and it’s the! 

So, here’s my super clean bathtub, thanks to CLR! 

I’m a forever fan now, I don’t think I’ll try anything else! Have you guys found a cleaner that really, really works for the tub? 

Cute find


Happy Wednesday y’all! It’s been a dreary, rainy week so far. And even a tornado warning as I’m typing this 😳 anywho, I haven’t mentioned any recent purchases from lately because I haven’t bought anything! But every now and then I wander onto  the site to see what I can find. They really do have the cutest jewelry and other rare finds, so be sure to check them out! I swear I need to stop procrastinating and get on the ball with affiliate links so that I can stop giving free press, but I get so excited about the awesome bargains I find, it’s hard not to share! 

So, this is the necklace I found the other week, only 7.99 and hello free shipping! 

I love the colors! I’m sure this one will be in heavy rotation because it will go with just about everything yay! 

Have you guys shopped lately? And what did you find?!