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Fall 2016 trend – plaid 


In case you were wondering, plaid is still a big trend for fall. I for one, did not jump on that bandwagon last year because plaid reminds me of a farmer, and I just didn’t find it all that cute. I have seen a few cute plaid print coats, but I just couldn’t see myself in anything else plaid. Well, a few weeks ago, I was at my happy place Ross, and I happened to see a cute plaid dress, it was only 9.99, I figured I had nothing to lose by buying it, and seeing if I could put together a cute plaid look for the fall! I wore this to work on yesterday. Besides cute, it was also super comfy!

I ended up wearing it with the sleeves rolled up after I had taken this pic. I wore it with the same ankle boots I was gushing over the other day when I posted about another cute bell sleeve dress I also found at, you guessed it, Ross! Hey Ross peeps, if you’re reading this, you guys should seriously think about adding me to your payroll because I’m always bragging about my awesome Ross finds! 

Are you guys in love with plaid, or do you hate it? 


First day of tights and boots weather, yay!


Today has been amazeballs! Why? Because I got to wear tights and booties for the first time this fall, and I was over the moon excited!!! Thank goodness fall has decided to finally show up here in the south. Tights are a cold weather staple. I especially love patterned tights, but decided to just go with boring black today. 

I found this dress at the end of the summer at my fav Ross for only 12.99! I love the bell sleeves. I felt very groovy today! You can’t really see the booties in the pic, but they are super comfy and I love them! They are from Target. Don’t sleep on Target shoes. I’m definitely not a brand snob. If I like them I buy them, and Target makes a surprisingly good shoe for the price. These have to be maybe 6 years old and still look great. 

It’s supposed to be cool all weekend, so I’m thrilled about getting to wear more fall clothes and boots! What are you guys excited to wear most for the cooler weather? 

Because bedding can be fashionable too


One of the things I do best is sleep! I’d probably even prefer sleeping over eating, and that’s saying something since I love food so much! 

Besides my love of fashion, I also love to decorate my home and I’m always perusing the home decor section at my happy place, Ross. I spotted a Ross while visiting my sister on Saturday, and of course I had to stop by! Glad I did because it was a good one. All Ross stores are not created equal. There are some that I never find anything at, so I do get what people are saying when they tell me they never find the things that I do at Ross. 

I wasn’t planning on buying new bedding, but I also couldn’t pass up an amazeballs deal! In my head, I was seeing some kind of orange, paisley combo, and my vision came to be, so I’m super excited! 

Style and fashion doesn’t have to just stop at clothing. I’m a firm believer that your personal style should also be reflected in your home. I love color, and you can definitely tell when you come into my home. It’s kind of like a box of crayons threw up, but I love it! 

What are some of your fav colors that you love to decorate with. I love orange, green, and yellow…well pretty much any color 😊

Off the shoulder trend alert


This spring/summer, off the shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere! And I’m totally here for it! It also reminds me of the 80’s, and who didn’t have fun with clothing in the 80’s?! 

So, my original idea for this blog post was to wear all my off the shoulder tops that I have, take some pics, and show you guys all the different looks at once….but that didn’t happen, so here we are today! 

Also, don’t mind my hair…I have no idea what to do with it now that it’s short, and I soooooo can’t wait for it to grow back!!!!

Besides off the shoulder tops being super cute, bare shoulders are also super sexy! 
I found this top at my happy place, Ross in the junior’s section. I’m telling you guys, that’s where all the cute, trendy clothes are! 

Do you guys love the off the shoulder look? I’m obsessed!!! 

Denim skirt kinda Saturday 


I hope everyone had an amazeballs week! I was looking forward to Friday since Monday, if that tells you anything about my week! 

So, I bought a cute denim skirt at my happy place, Ross a few weeks ago. I couldn’t wait until the weather was finally nice enough to wear it. I’m wearing it today, yay! The breeze has been a little cool on the legs at times, but I don’t care, my skirt is cute and I love it!  

 Everything I’m wearing, except for jewelry came from Ross! Funny story, the wedges are Steve Madden by way of Ross…I was wearing them last year, walking through the mall, and all of a sudden I fall, my shoe breaks, and I’m on the floor!!! I couldn’t tell you why, what happened, all I know is a small piece of my pride died right there on the floor in Carolina Place mall! But I got my shoe fixed, and I’m giving wedges another chance! I have been saying a prayer that I wouldn’t fall all day, and so far, so good!!! 

But back to the denim skirt, it was a great find and I can’t wait to wear it all summer! Do you love denim skirts too? 

Also, I’m loving the off the shoulder top, I’m actually slightly obsessed with off the shoulder dresses and tops, so I’ll be blogging about those soon! 

Add a pop of color to a boring outfit with your shoes! 


If you haven’t caught on by now, I love shoes! More importantly I love a fabulous pair of heels! Today I’m wearing black and white, which is rare because I’m usually wearing bright colors. But, I had to add a pop of color, so I’m wearing an amazeballs pair of suede royal blue fringe pumps I ordered from Hautelook a few months ago.  

 They kinda look black in the pic, but they’re a really pretty royal blue. I had no idea I’d become such a fan of blue this year, but I dig it! I love a black and blue combo!  

 What colors do you like to wear to add a splash of color when wearing black and white? My all time fav is yellow. It looks so awesome with black and white! 

Where I got it: 

  • Blouse: Express
  • Skirt: Ross
  • Shoes: Hautelook 

Shift dress & over-the-knee boot kinda day


Two things I love to wear when it’s cold, boots with a cute dress. I bought my first pair of over-the-knee boots a few months ago. I haven’t worn them much because they aren’t the most comfy, but I got a pair of gel ball of foot cushions and they have saved my boots from going into the sell pile! Whooohoooo!!!! If you’ve got a pair of shoes that are seriously uncomfy, try the gel ball of foot insoles, they work wonders!!!! 

Here’s what I’m wearing today.  

   Where I got it: 

  • Dress: Ross
  • Boots: Hautelook 

By the way, I got the dress this weekend from Ross for only 9.99! #winning 

What do you love to wear during fall/winter? 

Festive holiday dresses from Ross


To know me is to know that I love any excuse to wear a cute dress, combined with a chance to wear a cute dress to a holiday party, and I’m in heaven! 

To know me is also to know that Ross is my fav place to shop! I find everything there from homegoods to jewelry, and everything in between! My Fridays off is my fav time to go, and now that the holidays are here, it seems like Fridays are now everyone else’s fav time to go because it was so crowded the other day!!!

I had two parties to go to this weekend, so I wanted to find a couple new dresses! Not that I didn’t already have something to wear…but like most other women, I couldn’t resist at least looking! 

I found two super cute dresses for about $20 each! So ladies, do yourselves a favor, if you need a festive dress, head to Ross! 

  Are you a Ross shopper too? People are always telling me that they can never find anything there and are always in shock when I say what I’m wearing came from there, and how little it costs! 
I do have to admit, not all stores are created equal. Some are a lot better than others. Some even have designer labels that you won’t see in other stores. I even spotted a cute Carmen Marc Valvo dress for 19.99 on Saturday! 

So, don’t delay, head to Ross today and thank me later 😉

Another poncho styling option…with a skirt


So I already mentioned how much I love ponchos! Actually I’m obsessed with them! I ordered another one last week, but I think I’m done now. Sometimes you can have too many of a clothing item and then all of your outfits start looking the same, which is never a good thing because variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to fashion! 

Here’s what I’m wearing today.  

 The only downside to wearing a poncho is that I feel sooooooo covered up, but they are quite warm! 

I like to wear this one with a skirt for work. It also has fringe, which I love! And it’s kinda hard to see in the pic, but I’m also wearing a super cute fringe skirt that I got at JCP the other week! 

Have you jumped on the poncho wagon yet! And what do you like to wear them with? 

Where I got it: 

  • Poncho: Ross
  • Skirt: JCP 
  • Booties: Hautelook  

Duster sweaters rock!


I remember how my mom loved a sweater coat when I was a kid. And when duster sweaters became popular last year, I thought of her. Hmmm that gives me a Christmas gift idea! 

I absolutely love duster sweaters. They can add an instant pizazz to a boring outfit! I like to wear mine with leggings and boots but you can also wear them with jeans or even a dress. They are also great for transitioning summer clothing into fall, like wearing one over a sleeveless jumpsuit. 

I found the one I’m wearing here for a steal at JC Penny a few weeks ago. After coupon and clearance I got it for about $8! If you haven’t shopped JCP in awhile, check them out! They have really come a long way and now have super cute things and the best part about shopping there is there’s always a coupon! 

  I usually hate wearing all black, so adding the sweater also was a quick way to add a little “color”. 
Where I got it:

  • Sweater: JC Penny
  • Leggings: Ross
  • Tank: Express
  • Boots: Hautelook 

Do you love duster sweaters too? And what do you like to wear them with?