Jewelry organization ideas

Hey y’all! It’s already the 2nd week in January! I’d like time to please slow down just a smidgen! I mean I am turning 40 this year, so no need to rush things along!

One thing I did over the holiday break was a little light purging and by light purging I mean I got rid of a few things, nothing major. I had already gone through my jewelry earlier in the year so I didn’t have anything to get rid of, but I did tidy up a bit and made sure things were organized. So I figured I’d share how I have my jewelry organized and stored in case you were looking for ideas. I have to be able to see everything so I know what I have, so this may not work for you if you don’t like all your things to be out. I bought all of my jewelry trees and such at Ross and for really cheap. I swear Ross is my happy place!

This one is actually for utensil storage, but I use it for bracelets.

I love this earring organizer so much! It holds so many pair and you can see them all at once!

I’m starting to run out of room, so I’m gonna slow my roll with buying more.

How do you guys organize your accessories?

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