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3 shades of nude


Ulta is one of my happy places. I go there & I’m in makeup heaven! Earlier this week I stopped by to collect my bday mascara and of course I had to look around to see what I could find. I’m new to the essence cosmetics brand, but the few shadows and polishes I’ve gotten, I really like them. So, I noticed the nudes collection and since they’re only 1.99 I got all 3!

I absolutely love them! While they’re similar colors, they’re all quite different. 

 Left to right: pure soul, nude sweet nude, and I’m lost in you. Pure soul has a hint of shimmer, which I love! Nude sweet nude is more of a bronze color which goes great with my skintone! And I’m lost in you is the perfect everyday nude. Nude polish is a must have for any girl, and with these choices, you can’t go wrong. 

 Bottom line, you should buy them all and you won’t be sorry! For the price, they’re surprisingly long lasting and by long lasting, I could wear them 2 days with minimal chipping. That says a lot for me because my nails can’t keep anything on regardless of the brand, so I’m over the moon happy with 2 days of wear! 

Nudes are still in, so add these to your collection immediately! 


Loreal Le Matte Lippie Review


To say that I love matte lipstick is an understatement…well any lipstick for that matter! I have so many that I’ve run out of space in my three, yes three lipstick organizers on my bathroom vanity, yet I keep buying more! Hey, there’s always room somewhere for more lipstick! 

Earlier this week I went to CVS to use my $3 beauty club bday coupon. I also had a $3 off $15 cosmetic purchase coupon from the red coupon box. So I decided to try one of the new Loreal Le Matte lippies. I ended up getting Matte for Me. It’s a really pretty pink. 

It’s not as long wearing as most other matte lippies I’ve tried, but I still give it a thumbs up. It’s non drying, which I love, and the color I chose is an awesome pink for my skintone. 

  I think you should definitely try them if you like matte lippies. For a drugstore brand it’s 9.99, a little pricey to me, but with my coupons, not a bad deal. 
Are there any new matte lippies you’ve tried lately that you love? Let me know so that I can add them to my list to try! 

Trend alert: fringe! 


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know of my fondness of fringe!!! I love it on shoes, accessories, clothing…I just love myself some fringe! 

Weeks ago I ordered a pair of black fringe booties from, they finally arrived last Friday and I absolutely love them! I so can’t wait for fall so that I can rock them with just about everything! They’ll look awesome with jeans, skirts, dresses…seriously everything! 

  I’m so over the moon happy that fringe is back because I’ve been a long time fan! I’ve also ordered 3 more pairs of fringe shoes from Hautelook in the past week, 2 pair of pumps and a sandal,  so I’ll be sure to let you guys know if I’m also in love with them when they get here, but I have high hopes 😊
In case you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s a Nordstrom company, and you can even return your items at Nordstrom Rack if you need to! This was actually my first order, but I’m definitely already a repeat customer! 

Do you love fringe too? 

Eyelash primer: do you need it?


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been on a quest for awesome mascara since the beginning of the year! I’ve found that most of the higher end ones don’t live up to the hype, so I’m now exploring drugstore brands. 

A friend mentioned eyelash primer, which I never tried before, so I figured I’d give it a shot. On second thought, I have tried something similar to primer, baby powder, it’s messy, but it does work to build volume if you add some to your lashes before mascara. 

Because I wasn’t sure if it would work, I tried a drugstore brand first. I got the NYX brand from Ulta for about $7. So far, I like it, but don’t expect a dramatic difference. I’ve tried using two coats, but still not seeing a dramatic difference. But the slight difference I do see is worth it to me because every little bit helps! I’m determined to get va va voom lashes some way, some how!!!! 

Here’s the product, and let me know if you have any lash secrets to share!


Some of my fav MAC matte lippies!


Besides being addicted to shoes, I’m also addicted to lipstick! And I love matte lippies. I like that’s they’re not shiny, and the right ones are non drying, and very long lasting! I can apply them in the morning and no touch ups are needed unless I eat. Which is awesome because at 17.00 each, I love that I’ll have these for a very long time since I use so little! 

MAC makes great matte lippies! I’ve tried a lot of brands, and MAC and NYX both get thumbs up for not drying my lips out. I can wear them all day and my lips feel amazeballs!

Here are some of my fav shades that I’ve gotten in the last couple of months. All are MAC, available now. 


  • Top left, Men Love Mystery 
  • Bottom left, Heroine
  • Top right, Pink Plaid
  • Bottom right, Antique Velvet 

Do you have any MAC lippie favs? If I could afford it, I would buy them all!!!

My new obsession: lace up heels


It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE shoes! And now, I’m completely obsessed with any shoe that laces up. So far, within the last few months, I’ve purchased 3 pair…and counting ☺️. And I just love the look. They look awesome with just about anything. Today I’m wearing the ones on the top left with a cute little shift dress. 

 Where I got them:

  • Both on the left: DSW
  • On the right: Belk (DSW has them too)

Are you a fan of the lace up heel/bootie/wedge? And what do you love to wear them with? I’m looking forward to wearing them with jeans in the fall. I would do that now, but my legs are allergic to pants in the summer ☺️ 

Expensive mascara does not equal better


I’ve been on a quest this year to find fantabulous mascara! I feel like I’ve tried just about all of them, both drug store and higher end brands. What I’ve learned is that A) my stupid lashes are just too short and B) just because a mascara costs a lot, doesn’t mean it’s the best. 

The last couple of higher end mascaras have left me pretty much disappointed. My fine, short lashes need volume and length and I’ve just not found one that lived up to the hype for the price. 

Just yesterday I bought this one from MAC, false lashes. Tried it this morning, and I’m so underwhelmed that I’m taking it back to get a refund. I mean, why pay $22 for mascara when you can’t even see a difference? I should have taken a pic, but just my two cents, don’t waste your money. 

  I had just ran out of Lancôme Hypnose that I had been using the past couple of months. I give it about the same rating as the MAC false lashes. I just couldn’t see how it was worth the almost $30 it costs. I wish I had returned it too, but I so wanted it to work. I kept thinking it was user application error so I kept trying to make it work. 
  So, before I started on this higher end mascara journey I was using the Falsies by Maybelline, which I picked up at Publix again today because I’m tired of wasting my money on expensive mascara and if it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?! I love that not only is it only about $6, it really is a good mascara. It adds volume and length but doesn’t look clumpy. Also, I get black drama and it’s a super dark black and I love that it makes my eyes pop. This may sound weird, but it’s like the expensive brands I tried just weren’t black enough. Anybody else notice this with certain mascaras? I don’t wear eyeliner, so maybe that’s what I like about this mascara, it almost looks like I’ve lined my eyes because it’s so dark. 
  So, there you have it, all expensive mascaras aren’t worth the extra cash. There are still others I may try one day, like Dior because I hear great things about it, but for now, I’m gonna stick with what I know! I have also tried Benefit They’re Real, and that one gets two thumbs up! I’d definitely try it again. Do you have any recommendations for good mascara? 

Faux two piece dress


I guess faux two piece dresses are a thing right now because I bought a couple last year and I just bought two more within the last few weeks. I guess you could say that I kinda like them a lot 😊

The one I’m wearing today came from Ross in the junior section. I’ll say it again, if you can still fit junior sizes, in Ross, that’s where you’ll find all the cute, trendy clothing. You do have to adjust your sizing for some things especially regarding length because a lot of the skirts and dresses are super short, so going up a size or two helps. 

  I love this dress because I can not only wear it to church, but it can also be dressed up if I’m going somewhere more dressy and need a cocktail dress. 
Where I got it:

  • Dress: Ross
  • Necklace: Versona
  • Heels: Neiman Marcus (Christian Louboutin.)