Loreal Le Matte Lippie Review

To say that I love matte lipstick is an understatement…well any lipstick for that matter! I have so many that I’ve run out of space in my three, yes three lipstick organizers on my bathroom vanity, yet I keep buying more! Hey, there’s always room somewhere for more lipstick! 

Earlier this week I went to CVS to use my $3 beauty club bday coupon. I also had a $3 off $15 cosmetic purchase coupon from the red coupon box. So I decided to try one of the new Loreal Le Matte lippies. I ended up getting Matte for Me. It’s a really pretty pink. 

It’s not as long wearing as most other matte lippies I’ve tried, but I still give it a thumbs up. It’s non drying, which I love, and the color I chose is an awesome pink for my skintone. 

  I think you should definitely try them if you like matte lippies. For a drugstore brand it’s 9.99, a little pricey to me, but with my coupons, not a bad deal. 
Are there any new matte lippies you’ve tried lately that you love? Let me know so that I can add them to my list to try! 

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