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A brown girl friendly red lippie


Hey y’all! Hope you’re all having an amazeballs week so far. We’ve made it to hump day, whoooohoooo! So, last Friday I was on my way to a concert and realized I had left my lipstick at home when I switched purses. I stopped at a CVS along the way, and found the most amazing red lippie. It’s now my new fav! At least for me, it has been a struggle to find a brown girl friendly red. And I’ve tried many! 

This one is by Milani and it’s called confident. It’s matte, which I love. And I have nothing bad to say about Milani lippies. For the price, only 6.99, they are awesome. They are long-wearing and just an overall good product. I’m more of a deep red kinda girl, and this one is perfect. More good news, I just saw earlier this week that Milani cosmetics are coming to Ulta! I’m Super excited because CVS doesn’t carry the entire line, and I’ve been dying to try their finishing spray. 

Have you guys tried Milani lippies? Do you have a fav shade? 


Red lip Wednesday! 


Two things I love, a bold lip and a matte lippie! 2015 seems to be the year of the matte lip and I’m here for all of it! 

MAC is by far my fav lippie brand but at $17 each, I’m always willing to try a more economical alternative! 

I’ve gotten 2 of the Loreal Le Matte lippies and I absolutely love them, plus they’re less than $10 #winning!!!! 

Today I just felt like going bold with a red lip, and it also goes with the skirt I’m wearing! 

This one is called Mad For Matte. Not a good name for a bold red, but it’s an awesome red for when you want to go full on red! 

Have you tried this matte from Loreal yet? 

Nyx liquid suede lippie review


I’ve been waiting for these to show up in Ulta stores since they came out! A) because I was too cheap to order online and pay shipping B) because they were constantly sold out online! 

Earlier this week I got the email that they’d be available in all Ulta stores this week and could hardly wait to get there! 

Of course I wanted them all, but I had some self control…this time and only got two. I also wanted to try them out first to see if I even liked them. 

So, the verdict is in, I do love them! Definitely going back for more tomorrow! They feel great on my lips, non-drying, and seem to be very long lasting. 

I bought vintage and stone fox. I was disappointed that my Ulta didn’t have any testers or I’d probably have gone with different colors. Stone fox is grey, which I knew, but it goes on a little lighter than it looks in the package. Vintage looks also darker in the package but is lighter. I’ve been searching for a dark red, so I was hoping this one would be the answer to my prayers, but it’s not. 

Here’s a picture of the two that I got. 


 And here’s what they look like on. 

 They dry to a nice matte finish which I love! 

Have you tried them yet and what do you think? 

Cheap, but good lipstick 


When it comes to make-up, more expensive doesn’t always equate to the best. I’m willing to try any brand, but the only things I’m not willing to compromise on are foundation and concealer. For those, I’m willing to pay a higher price, but anything else is fair game! 

I must admit, I have a slight lipstick addiction. I had to cut myself off from MAC lippies because it was getting to be a bit much!!! First, they’re $17 each and between my shoe addiction and the lippie addiction, my coins were really starting to get away from me, so I realized I needed to make some changes 😁 just pray for me! 

So, last year I bought a couple Jordana matte lippies at Walgreen’s. I dug this one out of the stash this morning because I wanted to start wearing my fall colors. It’s called dare, and it’s an awesome color for fall! And at only 2.99, you can’t beat it! 

 Here’s what the packaging looks like. You can find them at Walgreen’s for sure, not sure where else.

  Do you have any cheap, but good drugstore lippie recommendations?  

Loreal Le Matte Lippie Review


To say that I love matte lipstick is an understatement…well any lipstick for that matter! I have so many that I’ve run out of space in my three, yes three lipstick organizers on my bathroom vanity, yet I keep buying more! Hey, there’s always room somewhere for more lipstick! 

Earlier this week I went to CVS to use my $3 beauty club bday coupon. I also had a $3 off $15 cosmetic purchase coupon from the red coupon box. So I decided to try one of the new Loreal Le Matte lippies. I ended up getting Matte for Me. It’s a really pretty pink. 

It’s not as long wearing as most other matte lippies I’ve tried, but I still give it a thumbs up. It’s non drying, which I love, and the color I chose is an awesome pink for my skintone. 

  I think you should definitely try them if you like matte lippies. For a drugstore brand it’s 9.99, a little pricey to me, but with my coupons, not a bad deal. 
Are there any new matte lippies you’ve tried lately that you love? Let me know so that I can add them to my list to try!