Some of my fav MAC matte lippies!

Besides being addicted to shoes, I’m also addicted to lipstick! And I love matte lippies. I like that’s they’re not shiny, and the right ones are non drying, and very long lasting! I can apply them in the morning and no touch ups are needed unless I eat. Which is awesome because at 17.00 each, I love that I’ll have these for a very long time since I use so little! 

MAC makes great matte lippies! I’ve tried a lot of brands, and MAC and NYX both get thumbs up for not drying my lips out. I can wear them all day and my lips feel amazeballs!

Here are some of my fav shades that I’ve gotten in the last couple of months. All are MAC, available now. 


  • Top left, Men Love Mystery 
  • Bottom left, Heroine
  • Top right, Pink Plaid
  • Bottom right, Antique Velvet 

Do you have any MAC lippie favs? If I could afford it, I would buy them all!!!

6 thoughts on “Some of my fav MAC matte lippies!

Add yours

  1. HI Kindra!!! I would love to see the images a little larger. Make your images big and show them off!

    Anyhow! Love Heroine…its one of my faves that I have and I barely wear it…you’ve inspired me to wear it more!!!


    ~ xo, Veronica ~ Luxe Beauty Blog


    1. Hi! You can actually click on the pic to see it larger, I’m just in the habit of choosing a smaller size, but I’ll consider your suggestion! And you totally should wear Heroine more often 😊


  2. All of these colors look really amazing on you! My holy grail MAC lip colors are: Men Love Mystery, Ruby Woo (matte red), Velvet Teddy (nude), Please Me (rosy pink), and Pink Nouveau (matte HOT pink) xoxo, Maisha #BLMGirl


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