My thoughts on the Murdaugh Trial

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard about the Murdaugh murders in South Carolina. I admittedly became quite obsessed with this crazy story for the last two years or so. I’ve read all the things, listened to a gazillion podcasts, watched documentaries and specials about the case…and now we have a verdict. I’ve been so invested in the case that I actually got nervous waiting for the lady to read the verdict. For the rest of the night I thought about everything that has unfolded, and couldn’t wait to drop my thoughts on Facebook this morning! If we’re friends on Facebook you’re familiar with my weekly brain dumps, so here goes my Murdaugh trial brain dump!

1) Hubby didn’t understand my obsession or how big of a deal this case was until the verdict interrupted Jeopardy

Don’t know what it is about true crime stories, but I can easily get obsessed with a case. And one like this with sooooooo many layers and me being from SC, I couldn’t help but follow the story from beginning to end! Hubby just didn’t get it, but when Jeopardy was interrupted with breaking news of the verdict, he finally understood why the case was such a big deal lol.

2) Two years of reading and watching all the things about the case, don’t know what to do with my free time now!

Y’all, what are we gonna do with our “free” time now?? I’m kinda gonna miss watching the trial during the day. Watching and talking to anyone who would listen about it! But with 99…99!!!! more cases pending related to this bizzaro story, I guess it’s not totally going away any time soon.

3) I feel like Colleton county owes me a jury duty check because I totally feel I was just as devoted!

Hello Colleton county, run me my coins lol. I could have easily been pulled in as an alternate, in my mind!

4) I’ll always regret not riding down to the courthouse just to be nosey!

I try not to live life with regrets, but I so wish I would have taken a day off to ride down to the courthouse just to people watch and be nosey! That would have been worth every single minute of the drive. One of my Facebook friends actually did this and wrote a great post about it. I’m so jealous!

5) I used to tell the parents that I wanted to be a lawyer

I’ve always said I’d be a great lawyer. One reason is because I’m nosey and ask a lot of questions lol. I actually thought about applying to law school during the pandemic while I wasn’t working. If I had done it, I could totally be starting a new career as an attorney right about now! My mama used to say I could hire her to answer the phones at the office. Y’all can imagine how that would have gone with her taking naps and asking all the wrong questions answering the phones.

6) Lake Keowee connection

When Alex said they were in Lake Keowee the weekend before, I about fell off my seat. I wonder if I was home that weekend?? Imagine shopping at Ingle’s for my mama’s groceries, turn the corner, and there’s Big Red and Mags! And, which of my Seneca peeps know these people??

7) Anybody ever seen Buster in Rock Hill??

With all that’s going on, I can’t imagine he’ll be able to live in Hampton again. Is he still supposedly living in Rock Hill? And have y’all seen him around anywhere??

8) I’m ready for the Dateline/Alex jailhouse interview!

We know this man loves to talk and lie, so whenever the interview happens, we know it’ll be good tv! And long! He’s got to hold the record for longest witness on the stand. Ever. Wasn’t it like 14 hours or something crazy like that??

9) Judge Newman seems like such a sweet man

If he’s single, I bet the older ladies are blowing up his DMs! Even if he’s not single, as ruthless as some women are who don’t care about morals, I’m sure his DMs are blowing up!

10) Until this week, I thought only us black people gave everybody nicknames, but nope it’s all of us country people!

Paw Paw, Mags, Ro Ro, Papa T, Handsome….I couldn’t stop laughing every single time he said a name. We as black people are notorious for giving everybody nicknames. I had no idea white people did it too lol.

11) How can the whole family possibly have killed someone??

Allegedly this could be an entire family of killers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, catch the HBO and Netflix docs. Hope they reopen the Stephen Smith case. If true and Buster could have had something to do with his death, he needs to pay for what he did.

12) Of all days, work had the nerve to be busy yesterday and I didn’t get to watch

Last day. Closing arguments. My intentions were to be in front of the tv with a literal bag of popcorn. But nope, I was busy all day!!!! I was like, if these people don’t leave me alone already!!!! But seeing the verdict live made up for it. I’m so glad it didn’t happen after I went to bed!

13) Ain’t no way he was spending 50k a week on pills

I’m not a pill popper so I have no firsthand knowledge of what people pay for them, but 50k ain’t it! Where did the money really go??

It’s been a wild 2 years following this crazy story. I’m proud of the jury for making the right decision. I was so sure they wouldn’t be able to make a decision, or worse, this family would have tampered with the jury. I’m so glad I was wrong! Now, everyone else that’s been involved in any way, shape, or form with any of this needs to pay. I sure hope the state continues and stays on all of them like white on rice while there’s momentum, and bring the rest of these folks down!

What do y’all think about all of this? Can’t get enough of talking all things Murdaugh!


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  1. Listen…my best friend and I decided to watch it together. She’s in FL and I’m in MI. She works from home so she has able to follow along more than i was. She avtuallybdaid she started watching around week 3 or 4 plus she watched the Netflix special. I myself made the commitment to go ahead and watch it(YouTube) of course. I started on day 1 which was really day 3 after jury selection. From what I’ve seen so far I believe him to be guilty or he knows who did it because he planned it.


    1. I’m from SC and that part of the state, my sister used to live, so when it happened I was immediately invested since I was familiar with the area. I feel like I’ve watched every tv show & documentary about this case. Omg so many layers to the story! I totally think he did it.

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