Everything old is new again

Hey y’all! Remember the time I told y’all about a vintage Louis Vuitton bag I bought (first time buying second hand) and I was really thrilled with my purchase?? Whelp the strap broke. And it broke at one of the most inconvenient times! We were just about to get off the airport shuttle going to Vegas. I get up to get off the bus and down goes my purse. Thought it just fell off my arm, but nope, the strap broke. Ugh. Good thing I brought a little wristlet that I had to use the whole time I was gone, but I was so annoyed! When I purchased the bag, I thought everything was in decent shape, but the straps were a bit worn. I also carried the bag on a previous trip to Hilton Head, on a boat ride and it got soaking wet, so maybe that was the last straw!

Anywho, I shipped it off to the fabulous people at Santana Leather Care after getting a quote via email. The repair cost me about half of what I paid for the bag! But it looks brand spanking new new, and I know it’ll last me forever now. Here’s what it looked like before I shipped it off with the broken strap. I ended up getting all the leather pieces replaced and not just the strap so that everything would match.

And here’s what she looks like now! It took a few weeks to get it back, but it was so worth the wait. They did such a great job.

The repair was pricey, but of course less than it would have cost to buy a new bag. Plus this one isn’t made anymore, so there’s that. It also got me to thinking that when I see those beat up old designer bags listed for sale, I may just start buying them anyway and just get new handles and other leather pieces that need fixing. Totally cheaper than buying new! If you have a broken bag that you love, don’t toss it, just ship it off to Santana and let them repair it for you!

P.S. I’m not getting paid for this article, I’m just really happy with my repair!


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