Vintage Louis from J’Adore Wakefield

I’m not a purse snob. I’ll buy any brand if I like it and it doesn’t have to be designer. But when I do shop for designer bags, Lous Vuitton is my fave. I’m by no means wealthy, so for me to even purchase one, I have to save my coins. Pre-Covid, my goal was to treat myself to a new bag each year. It’s actually been about 3 years now since I bought a new one. I’ve been looking for a crossbody/shoulder bag for awhile. I get tired of carrying a big bag when I’m running out for errands or on vacay. Since I’ve returned to work, and I haven’t made any major purchases for myself in awhile, I decided to get myself a new bag. Unfortunately the bags that I like have been sold out for months. So, I decided to try a vintage bag. This was my first vintage bag purchase ever. Someone had recommended J’Adore Wakefield previously, and I read great reviews online, so I decided to purchase one from them. If you’re in the market for luxury items, you should definitely check them out here. They were great, answered every question I had about the bag, and sent more pictures and videos as requested. I felt super comfortable buying from them even though I couldn’t see the bag in person. They do have a storefront if you’re in MA.

Here’s the bag I decided on. It’s the St. Cloud. It’s no longer in production, and was made in 1989, per the date stamp. The bag is in great condition to be so old. That’s one of the things I liked about J’Adore Wakefield, their items are in great condition. Now, if you know luxury items, you know that they hold their value, so unfortunately/fortunately vintage doesn’t mean the item will be a lot less than retail.

I still prefer my items new, but if I’m ever in the market again for an item no longer in production, I’d definitely shop vintage again. Do you guys shop vintage?

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