Well hello there moisturized curls!

I’m always looking for better ways to manage my natural hair. I’m thankful that for the most part my hair is easy to manage. I simply have to wash/detangle once per week, apply product, and sit under a hair dryer for an easy wash & go. A couple weeks ago I decided to try some new products. I’ve been a faithful user of The Doux products, but I wanted to try something new because I felt like my hair was looking really dry.

I follow Styles by Lisa on IG and have been curious about her products since I saw that they were introduced last year. So I finally decided to order the sample box. I tried them last Thursday on wash day, and I was quite impressed with the results. My hair feels super moisturized and soft. Although soft means not quite as strong of a hold as I’ve gotten with The Doux products, but soft also means my hair is moisturized, and that’s more important to me. I followed the instructions that came in the box an used all of the products.

I do have to refresh almost daily, but that’s also an easy process. I just have to wet my hair with a spray bottle (I ordered a new continuous spray kind on Ebay) and apply a little more product. Surprisingly there’s no product build up and my hair doesn’t feel sticky after adding more product. I’m still playing around with the right amount of each product to use. But when I wash my hair this week, I’m definitely going to try using more of the curl sauce (gel) than the mousse. I sent a message on IG to ask how to get a stronger hold, and they were nice enough to answer, and give me that suggestion. They also offer another gel that I haven’t ordered that is supposed to give a stronger hold as well. Here’s what comes in the box.

I normally only get a couple good hair days after doing a wash & go. These products give me about the same result in regards to that, but refreshing is pretty easy, and I consider it a good trade off for moisturized hair that isn’t dry looking and tangled. Here’s what my hair looked like on day 2 (I wash my hair at night so I don’t consider that day 1 since I just wash & go to bed) and day 5. I have refreshed by wetting my hair and adding a little more curl sauce on the day 5 pic.

I’d definitely recommend trying these products. Check them out here. What are some of your faves that you’ve had great results from?

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